Ashia Copeland

Killeen native Ashia Copeland was crowned homecoming queen at University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton last Saturday.

Killeen native Ashia Copeland was crowned homecoming queen at University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton last weekend.

The process began with Copeland being nominated one of five seniors running for the title, but the decision came down to a vote by the entire student body of about 3,800 students.

“To get nominated, I put my name out there,” Copeland said. “Once I made it that far, the week of homecoming I passed out little cookies and stuff to people and I ended up reaching enough people to get the majority of the votes.”

Copeland said it is an honor to represent her school as the homecoming queen of the season amid the rest of the homecoming festivities, including a petting zoo, coffee and donuts in the morning, a scavenger hunt, private disco — dancing in silence with headphones, breakfast tacos, and a carnival on homecoming game day last Saturday — in addition to the football game.

While she had an aunt previously attend UMHB, Copeland said her decision to go there was mainly influenced by its proximity to Killeen—which she still calls home. Her favorite aspect of UMHB is the positive attitudes and the tight knit community.

“Everyone knows everyone,” Copeland said. “And it’s very kind and welcoming — you never cross anyone with a bad attitude. I haven’t had a bad encounter with anyone actually, in my whole four years.”

After she completes her bachelor’s degree in graphic design, Copeland would like to pursue a career in the marketing field in Mansfield, near Arlington.

Copeland said her quest for the homecoming crown taught her the importance of believing in herself.

“Never would I have ever thought that I could accomplish this,” Copeland said. “The process started with me saying, ‘If you don’t start believing in yourself, who will?’ And that’s what got the ball rolling.”


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