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Killeen School Board

The Killeen Independent School District board of trustees adopted a nearly half-a-billion dollar budget last week.

During the Aug. 24th board meeting, the Killeen ISD school board unanimously approved the district’s proposed budget and tax rate for the 2021-2022 fiscal year following a public hearing.


The district’s total budget for the upcoming year is projected to bring in over $490 million in revenue — an increase of over $7 million from last’s year’s budgeted total revenue.

2021-2022 Budget

The Killeen Independent School District board of trustees adopted the proposed 2021-2022 fiscal year budget on August 24 after a public hearing. 

KISD’s total expenditures are projected to be over $486.5 million — approximately $8 million more in expenses than last’s year’s budgeted costs, according to the district’s budget documents.


Killeen ISD’s tax rate for the fiscal year is just over $1.04 per $100 valuation, around 4 cents less than the district’s tax rate for the current fiscal year.

Megan Bradley

Killeen ISD Chief Financial Officer Megan Bradley

“We are proposing a total tax rate of $1.0432 which is 87.2 cents on the (Maintenance & Operations) side and 17.12 cents on the debt service side,” Chief Financial Officer Megan Bradley explained at a previous board meeting. “That is what makes up this budget. They go hand in hand, you really can’t have the budget without the tax rate.”

To view Killeen ISD’s budget presentation, go to | 254-501-7567


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Smh I find it disturbing that my property tax dollars are being spent on up and coming gang bangers, sad part is many of them are generational gang bangers ( don't believe it look up gang violence in school)

The fact that Kisd, didn't nothing to the two kids fighting this week and the video was posted online by. Student who just stood and filmed it and all the kids watching the fight. Blood all over the bathroom, blood being splattered in the air and so on. ( Blood is more dangerous than covid-19 when it comes to transfer of germs, viruses and disease).

The fact my tax dollars are wasted and the fact of the political stunt last week the pro maskers and pro vaccine mandators pulled in hopes of gaining support for Mr. Williams shows me tax dollars are wasted.

Yes gangs have been in school forever, the problem is the gang banger parents are running the school and making demands.

Start expelling the trouble makers and stop wasting my tax dollars. My tax dollars could have paid for my kids to go to a private school, could have paid some of thier college debt.

Why am I forced to pay for a breeding ground of crime.

Taxation is theft when a citizen is paying for the training and recruiting of gang members.

Stop wasting my money or defund the problem schools and put my tax dollars into streets, lights and other things to keep citizens safe in this town.

Love Our Planet

No one is forcing you to live here. Take your tax dollars elsewhere! Maybe move to a small town where your tax dollars can go towards breeding the next farmer, or moonshine maker, or gang member because certainly there are some gang members who come from small towns.

And to think that we parents were trying to gain support for Mr. William's political aspirations is preposterous. Most of those parents didn't even know who Mr. Williams was. Most probably still don't know. All of those parents wanting a mask mandate are wanting that simply to protect our children. There was nothing political about it. There is nothing political about a deadly virus. Go take your racist views anywhere else, just not here!

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