Killeen Elementary School

The East Ward and West Ward consolidation project, now named Killeen Elementary School, is being built on Rancier Avenue in Killeen.

The Killeen Independent School District board of trustees has approved names for two new elementary schools being built by the district.

The Pershing Park and Sugar Loaf Elementary School consolidation project will be named Pershing Park Elementary School, and the East Ward and West Ward Elementary School consolidation project will be named Killeen Elementary School. Both names were approved during unanimous votes by the board late Tuesday night near the end of a virtual school board meeting that lasted just over four and a half hours.

Board president Corbett Lawler said that the district does not have a flagship elementary school similar to Killeen High School. Lawler also said with a chuckle that maybe the mascot could be the Joeys (Killeen High’s teams are known as the Kangaroos).

The public’s input was not used in the board’s decision to name the new schools, and previous meetings on the names were done in closed-door sessions.

However, the district has named new schools in the past with public discussion over the naming of schools, and those discussions have sometimes gotten heated.

In 2013, a school board meeting was full of Killeen residents and more than 12 of them decided to speak at a public forum over the name of the new elementary school that ended up being named Fowler Elementary School, which was the name of a former school.

One of the other names that was discussed for the school was Robert Hornsby, who was a Killeen police officer who was killed in the line of duty in July 2013.

A third name was Alice Douse, a longtime Killeen teacher, principal and community member. She was the first African-American principal in the district.

The board eventually named an elementary school after Douse, which opened in August 2017.

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[thumbup] I love the nmae Killleeen Elementary School & thta nicknmae the Joeys fot their mascot, i also love keeping the name of the Pershing Park Elementary School name but what about the loss of Sugar Loaf ? I wished it could have been named something like Sugar Loaf Pershing Park Elementary School


The district proposed a plan and expressed it to both the school board and public. The board had to vote on the plan and the budget for the build. Yes, I think someone thought of it. As far as the short on ramp, getting up to highway speed should be used with caution if you’re driving around a school during school hours. Moving to a new school and having to get a new shirt, that’s like getting a different job and having to change your uniform. I’d rather change the uniform than not have a job and get paid. The shirt is so minor when you think about everything else going on in the world.

Heights Teacher

Regarding the names for the two new schools, I do NOT like their choices. First, Killeen Elementary School. We're all in Killeen ISD. Is this the new flagship school for the entire district? Was there ever a school named Killeen Elementary School back in the beginning of the town?

Next, Pershing Park Elementary. Great for the teachers and staff at Pershing. They won't have to change their t-shirts or logo. But the folks moving over from Sugar Loaf will have to adapt to the name of the school they'll be moving to. I believe the board missed the boat on this one.


Why was the new Pershing Park school built NOT at the Sugarloaf location? Killeen has the only interstate on ramp in a school zone in the US. Going east from Willow Springs, not only is the interstate on ramp in the school zone, it is a very short on ramp, no room to get up to highway speed. Instead of getting children away from the school on the access road, the new school is directly behind the old school, now there will be double the children going to a school on an interstate access road. Just seems incredibly stupid to me..... Did anybody actually think about this?

Heights Teacher

Sugarloaf is landlocked in the middle of four residential streets, and they have no open fields. Even PE classes have no place to have students on grass. Combining with Persing Park is going to double the student population, with the new school rising to three stories (like the new "Killeen Elementary School.) That's a lot of kids to have in one spot with no real playground space.

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