At the request of school board members, the Killeen Independent School District will explain Tuesday how each high school campus plans to facilitate lunch under KISD’s new closed campus lunch policy.

During the district’s June 14 board meeting, the school board voted 4-2, with one board member absent, in favor of a closed campus lunch policy. Beginning on Aug. 15, high school students, with the exception of those who have met College Career and Military Readiness criteria, will be required to eat on campus at their respective high schools.

Cafeteria seating

Killeen ISD chart comparing projected 2022-23 student enrollment numbers to high school campus cafeteria seating. | 254-501-7567


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I had no idea there would be enough space nor equipment for multiple lunch lines in all the schools. HOWEVER, the Board's numbers still don't add up. They say they will be able to process 50% of the campus in 19 minutes by using 8 serving lines. This can only happen if they can accomplish a 9 second serving time. Here are the raw numbers: (1000students/8 lines) x (9 seconds/serving time)/60seconds/minute) =~19minutes. I didn't get through Army basic training meal lines in 9 seconds. If the serving time was 34 seconds, it would consume the entire Power Hour, leaving no time for the students last in line to eat. I am going to attend this meeting tonight, if I can't actually, then virtually.

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