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Roy J Smith Middle School students eat lunch in the school's cafeteria Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. 

A plan originally pitched as a way to increase safety at Killeen Independent School District high schools will come with additional disciplinary measures and a window of time when students’ locations are largely unknown.

On June 14, the Killeen ISD board of trustees voted 4-2, with one board member absent, in favor of a closed lunch policy, with limited senior exceptions.

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Let's not forget the health code violations/issue here with having students eat their food all over the buildings. Diligence must be adhered to in disposing of all food waste daily or the buildings will become infested with vermin, if they haven't already. Based on last year's trial run of Power Hour and the KISD officer seen kicking a rat off the court during a Harker Heights girls basketball game, the schools may already be infested.


Did the people making this plan even ask kids the challenges of eating and tutoring? I know at Ellison it was a trendies issue so my son would eat out of the vending machine on tutoring days. When he attempted to bring lunch, another kiddo had a reaction to his food so he was suspended for having food in a non lunch time. One morning we tried grabbing whataburger and it was taken when he walked they the door and placed in the office then misplaced when he went to get it and ran out of time while they looked. Have you researched the psychological effects of eating at a spot you are working/tutoring at? Have you considered the emotional effects of not taking a break and refreshing?

Methane Creator

Seems like a well thought out plan. The only tutoring I ever got was done after school hours or a paddling from Coach. Kept me on the straight and narrow. Maybe you could get some Food Trucks in the parking lot for a weekly treat. Thanks to the Administrators for working this contentious issue out.


@Creator, actually, it wasn't that well thought out. I went through the numbers, and food trucks are necessary for them to make their planned times through lunch lines. Plus, giving the students some choice is a good thing, too. BUT, my prediction is they won't do that, and the plan will fall on it's face without adjustment, and they will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing. Just wait and see.

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