Killeen Independent School District Superintendent John Craft is one of the highest paid superintendents in the state of Texas, according to a review of state education data.

Craft’s $310,000 annual salary is higher than 96% of the superintendents of Texas public and open enrollment charter schools, according to the Herald’s analysis of 2019-2020 data from the Texas Education Agency. See the full list of superintendents’ pay here:

The KISD superintendent is one of the top 50 highest paid superintendents in the state — number 45 out of a total of 1,223 school districts — beating out superintendents of larger school districts such as Plano ISD, Round Rock ISD, Pasadena ISD and Katy ISD.

A review of local Region 12 school district data shows Craft is the highest paid superintendent in the region — the second highest being La Vega ISD’s Sharon Shields at $231,580. Copperas Cove ISD Superintendent Joe Burns earns $220,573 annually, while former interim Belton ISD Superintendent Robin Wuebker-Battershell made $186,998 a year, according to state data. The current Belton ISD Superintendent Matt Smith earns $230,000 annually.

Craft’s contract was slated to be up for review Tuesday evening, but the KISD board voted to table the agenda items associated with his contract due to a number of board absences. Craft and board member Shelley Wells were participating virtually via Zoom; and Corbett Lawler and Susan Jones were absent from the district’s regularly scheduled board meeting Tuesday.

The KISD superintendent’s current contract is set to expire in 2024, but comes up for board review annually. The contract includes an annual travel stipend of $5,000. View Craft’s current contract here:

In February 2019, Craft received a pay raise of $42,287. In February 2020, the board deliberated in closed session for an hour and 20 minutes before unanimously approving a one-year extension for Craft and a salary raise contingent upon teacher raises.

The superintendent’s contract may be up for discussion at the next board meeting on Feb. 9, district spokeswoman Taina Maya confirmed Wednesday.

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Venus 76

They need to take better care of the teachers. There the ones doing the hard work at the schools and making very little. Give the TEACHERS A BIG FAT RAISE. Happy teachers Happ school happy kids happy parents. Come on KISD TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEACHERS.


I'm sorry, but I think he's way overpaid. Teachers get pay raises almost every year. No one seems to care about how much paraprofessionals do within the district. They would love to get a nice sizable raise. If you have children, and your only income is paraprofessional salary, you won't be able to make it, unless you get help from government aide as well. This is sad. Paraprofessionals are way underpaid.


Way over-paid.

Love Our Planet

He needs to go.

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