Shoemaker Stabbing

A social media screenshot captures who Jatrice McCray says stabbed her son at Shoemaker High School Wednesday. In the screenshot what appears to be a knife can be seen in the student's right hand. The Herald blurred out the student's face because he has not been charged at this time. 


The Killeen Independent School District provided an update about the Shoemaker High School stabbing case Friday afternoon.

"The Killeen ISD Police Department arrested the suspect in Wednesday’s stabbing at Shoemaker High School," KISD spokeswoman Taina Maya said in a statement. "The 16 year-old juvenile was charged with aggravated assault and is being transported to Bell County Juvenile Detention."

A Shoemaker High School student’s mother said her son required stitches after he was stabbed by another student on school property Wednesday.

Killeen Independent School District spokeswoman Taina Maya confirmed Thursday “a student was stabbed” during an “altercation” at Shoemaker High School Wednesday.

A video of Jatrice McCray’s son, Jabari, holding his visibly bloody arm, circulated across social media platforms Wednesday following what Shoemaker school officials also described as an “altercation.”

Shoemaker Incident on 9/15/21

McCray said the student who allegedly stabbed her son did not return to school Thursday; however, she said school officials told her that he would have been allowed to go back to class.

Maya said Thursday the individual accused of stabbing McCray’s son is not allowed to return to the high school.

An arrest had not been made as of early Thursday evening, according to the district.

‘Jabari got stabbed’

McCray said she asked her daughter, a Shoemaker H.S. junior, to Facetime her Wednesday afternoon when she knew her children would be waiting for the bus.

When her daughter called, McCray said all she could hear at first was “hollering and screaming.”

“I’m trying to tell her to calm down and ask her why she’s hollering and screaming and all I hear is, ‘Jabari got stabbed.’”

Shoemaker Incident on 9/15/21

Following that ominous phone call, McCray said she and her husband rushed to the high school campus Wednesday to figure out what was going on.

“When we get there, I just see staff members standing there. Kids are screaming, and I see my son all bloody,” she said. “I don’t see no police. No ambulance. No nothing. I don’t see nobody on the phone, they’re just standing there. So my husband gets my son, puts him in the truck and drove him to Metroplex (now known as AdventHealth-Central Texas).”

At AdventHealth hospital Wednesday evening, McCray said her son received stitches for a stab wound on his forearm sustained in the Shoemaker High School parking lot.

“I’m glad that he was only stabbed in his arm and the boy did miss the artery,” she said. “Because he had a hunter’s knife and the stab was very deep.”

McCray said the student who allegedly stabbed her son was not back at school Thursday. Her three children who attend Shoemaker High were asked to remain home for the remainder of the week, she said, while her son continues to receive threatening messages from two students involved in the altercation.

“All of my kids are not allowed to go back to Shoemaker, the principal said, at this time,” McCray told the Herald.

McCray said she asked Shoemaker school officials if the suspected attacker would be allowed to return to school.

“I asked the principal, what is going to be done, are they still going to be allowed to be on campus,” McCray said. “She said, ‘Unfortunately, it’s a process, so, yes.’”

A screenshot photo of a social media video sent to the Herald shows the student accused holding what appears to be a knife in his right hand. Social media video clips also shared with the Herald show an incident in the Shoemaker High School parking lot, students screaming, a KISD police officer who appeared to be walking after the student with the knife, and McCray’s son walking into the line of the camera holding his arm dripping with blood.


The school district responded to the Herald’s questions regarding the Shoemaker incident late Thursday afternoon.

“The events that occurred yesterday at Shoemaker are unacceptable and continue to be investigated by Killeen ISD police, KPD, and campus administrators,” Maya said when asked for an update Thursday. “The safety of all students is our top priority and we will not tolerate such behavior. Students found to be involved will be disciplined and KISD is pursuing charges.”

In response to McCray’s account of the incident, Maya responded with the following.

“KISD Police and campus administrators actively responded to the altercation in the front parking lot of the school yesterday,” Maya said. “The bus loop is in the back of the school and is monitored by campus staff.”

“The district continues to investigate the events. Without getting into specifics I can assure you the student who allegedly stabbed the victim will not return to a KISD school,” Maya added.

Maya provided information to parents about what to do if a student receives a threatening message from another student.

“Parents should immediately contact the campus Principal and/or leadership team,” she said. “If it is after hours, parents can contact KISD Police, or if the threat is imminent they should contact their local police department. KISD also has a bully reporter that is available to all students and parents online. It is monitored 24/7 and allows individuals to submit detailed information.”

To report a threat or bullying incident at a KISD campus visit

On Wednesday, Shoemaker High School principal Latisha Williams released the following statement to parents.

“There was an altercation involving students that happened outside of our campus today after dismissal,” Williams said. “This incident is currently under investigation by Killeen ISD Police and the entire campus administration. Students who are found to be involved in the fight or act of violence will be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Williams said the district remains vigilant regarding the safety of students and staff.

“Our students must understand we are serious about safety and this kind of behavior is never tolerated at Shoemaker,” she said.

When asked about the incident, Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez said, “If that happened at the school, you’ll have to contact KISD Police Dept.” | 254-501-7567

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Let us hope that the film which clearly shows WHO and What he did and you see the knife in his procession is used in court. A very Strong message needs too be sent out too those who want too do this type of behavior in the schools


[thumbup] thank you for starting to be honest and transparent about what is going on in KISD because allot of us parents and staff know anything ever coming from Maya can't be trusted.

Absolutely proud of your recent reporters for standing up and doing the right thing [thumbup]

I am nobody

What world we live. An "altercation" is meaningless ,it is called assault with intention to cause bodily harm. Keep on playing on words and they will come and bite you if it talks like a duck and it walks like a duck. Guess what, it's a duck!!!


Still worried about Killeen reputation and selling houses?

Time for elected officials to put the safety of children, and those that already live here first.

Time for kpd to show a heavy presences at the schools in the morning, afternoon and after school. Time for kpd to step up patrols in school parking lots, bus routes and walking areas.

Time for citizens to be outside in the morning, lunch time and after school. Time to let everyone know eyes are watching and we the 100k + citizens will no longer allow are tax dollars be wasted on schools that are aiding violent offenders.

Enough is enough and I rather defund the schools than waste my money paying for kids that don't want it.

Methane Creator

Like the KPD said, just a bunch of gangstas infiltrating the schools. Once football season is over, they’ll be back on the streets

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