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Rochelli McKenzie, a then-sophomore in the Central Texas College culinary arts program in Killeen, prepares food Nov. 30, 2018, at CTC's dining room.

Middle Eastern cuisine will be served from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Friday at the last patio cafe cuisine night dinner of the fall semester, according to a release from Central Texas College.

The dinner will be served in the culinary arts area of the student center at Central Texas College’s main campus.

The dinner is hosted by the CTC Culinary Arts program.

The meal will start with an appetizer, soup and salad. The appetizer is gebnamakleyah, or Egyptian feta cheese balls, ($7.50) - feta cheese coated in seasoned bread crumbs, according to the release.

The soup is lentil and swiss chard soup ($7 for a bowl or $.50 for a cup with an entrée) - warm and hearty soup with a combination of lemon lentils, Swiss chard, tomatoes and many spices.

The featured salad is chicken shawrma salad ($9.50) with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and mint topped with chicken and lemon tahini dressing. Or diners can choose the house salad ($3.75 or free with an entrée) - a blend of fresh salad greens, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cheese, cucumber, bacon bits, croutons and choice of dressing.

The entrees are pan-fried sea bass ($19) - sweet and spicy fish sautéed to perfection and garnished with harissa sauce and rose; pomegranate-glazed chicken ($16.50) - oven-roasted half-chicken glazed in pomegranate molasses and juice then topped with buttery pine nuts; and kofta meatballs ($17.50) - Lebanese-style meatballs made with flavorful spices and fresh herbs topped with lemon tahini sauce.

Each entree is served with a choice of two sides. The choices are roasted cauliflower - roasted fresh cauliflower served with lemon tahini dressing; grilled carrots - grilled carrots served with cumin-serrano yogurt sauce; spicy Lebanese-style potatoes - diced potatoes tossed in flavorful spices and finished with a hint of lemon juice and cilantro; and Lebanese rice - rice, vermicelli noodles and olive oil garnished with parsley. Each side dish is also available a la carte.

For dessert, chose either the orange saffron syrup cakes ($5.50) - fluffy orange-flavored cakes topped with a sweet citrus syrup and garnished with pistachios and orange zest or zalabia ($4.50) - mini funnel cakes dipped in a sweet rosewater syrup.

Reservations are required and can be made by calling the CTC Hospitality department at 254-526-1515.

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