The Killeen Independent School District released an update Sunday on the extent of the winter storm damage sustained at district facilities around town.

The winter storm caused damage at over 40 Killeen ISD buildings, according to the Herald’s analysis, with the first damage report coming in on Feb.14, five days before the district informed the public of problems.

Plumbers, contractors, and water remediation crews have started making repairs over the past week, but it is unclear how much it will cost the district to get the buildings up to par. In-person and virtual school will remain closed through Wednesday as KISD works to clean up the sites.

Here’s a breakdown of the damage, according to a report released by the district:

Alice Douse Elementary

  • An upstairs sink flooded four second-floor classrooms and two first-floor classrooms.

Audie Murphy Middle School

  • Standing water in the foyer and main hallway; a water leak and damage in some classrooms, the athletics wing, cafeteria, gym, library, front office and entrance vestibule.

Bellaire Elementary

  • The front key pad to the school was not functioning and one faucet would not turn off in the 100 hallway.

Brookhaven Elementary

  • There were leaks in multiple classrooms, hallways and restrooms.

Buckley Stadium

  • A broken water main pipe; plus 3-4 inches of water in the elevator room, vestibule and stairwells.

Career Center

  • A leak in a fire riser behind the kitchen; plus pooled water in several places; and the greenhouse pipes burst.

Cavazos Elementary

  • A water line burst; and the fire alarm sprinkler system broke.

Cedar Valley Elementary

  • A sink faucet flooded a room; and wet ceiling tiles were found.

Clarke Elementary

  • A sink overflowed; partial flooding in a classroom wing; standing water in a computer lab; and a burst water line in an electrical room.

Clifton Park Elementary

  • A roof leak in the library, and a kitchen sink pipe burst.

Distribution Center

  • Water damage to the offices.

Early College High School

  • The concessions building had four pipes burst and the gutter outside the library leaked.

Ellison High School

  • The main building’s boiler had a broken manifold; and the inside of the fieldhouse flooded.


  • Multiple interior leaks exist.

Fowler Elementary

  • The lights in three rooms are out and the toilets aren’t flushing.

Gateway Middle School & High School

  • A roof leak and fallen ceiling tiles were found.

Harker Heights Elementary

  • A restroom water pipe burst.

Harker Heights High School

  • A water pipe leaked in one room, standing water was found in another, and a pipe burst in the soccer concession building.

Hay Branch Elementary

  • The kitchen toilet won’t flush, and there’s low water pressure in one bathroom.

Haynes Elementary

  • Four of the five hallways have no power; the circuit breaker on the second floor had tripped circuits; and most second-floor hallways had no lights.

Iduma Elementary

  • A fire alarm panel malfunctioned; some cafeteria lights weren’t working and the kitchen freezer alarm was sounding; and some classrooms and hallways were also found without power.

Ira Cross Elementary

  • An outside water line burst; and the kitchen sink was found to be “constantly running” due to a motion sensor issue.

Killeen High School

  • No water to the portable restroom; and no heat in the small gym.


  • Very low water pressure found on-site. Some toilets did not flush. Some faucets did not turn on or had yellow water when turned on.

Liberty Hill Middle school

  • Damage to gym floor and locker room storage closet. A pipe burst and administration area was “flooded with 1-2 inches of water.”

Live Oak Ridge Middle school

  • Standing water in room 310.

Manor Middle school

  • Standing water in the commons area; clogged locker room drains and showers that overflowed; plus damage to the communications room and custodial closet.

Wood Elementary

  • A burst water line was found along with a collapsed ceiling.

Meadows Elementary

  • A small drip from cafeteria ceiling was found.

Montague Village Elementary

  • Water was found in an activity room and the cafeteria.

Nolanville Elementary

  • Three classrooms found with no functioning HVAC; the elevator was not working; and low water pressure reported.

Palo Alto Middle School

  • Room 214 was flooded; and a water line broke in the concessions building.

Pathways High School

  • The “smell of natural gas” was emitting from the kitchen; water pooling under stove in kitchen. There was water damage to upstairs tiles; a hose bib burst “pouring water outside of building.”

Peebles Elementary

  • A rooftop hose bib burst; a water line beneath a freezer leaked water; and a portable restroom was “frozen, no water.”

Peebles Elementary

  • An issue with a “continuously running” bathroom faucet as well as standing water near two restrooms.

Rancier Middle school

  • A sink was overflowing upstairs and standing water was in the concession stand restroom.

Reeces Creek Elementary

  • A “small amount of standing water” was located in one of the restrooms; and “a puddle of water” was found under and behind an oven.

Saegert Elementary

  • Four 100 rooms, plus the music and storage closet were being treated for water damage. One upstairs room had “water damage from ceiling to wall.” A burst fire sprinkler water line caused “extensive damage” to the cafeteria.

Sheridan Bus Barn

  • “All looked good upon initial visit,” but once KISD crews walked inside, it was noted “that water was flowing/gushing out from vehicle bay.”

Shoemaker High School

  • Standing water; running sinks which couldn’t be turned off; and leaks in the gym and kiln room.

Skipcha Elementary

  • “Major water damage” to the east wing’s first and second floors due to a burst water fountain line.

Smith Middle School

  • On Feb. 14, a leak on the 600 hallway was reported. More water came up through the floor drains overnight on Feb. 15. On Feb. 19, an acid tank was found to be frozen and a contractor cleared the line. On Feb. 20, KISD crews mopped up a “third water event.”

Sugar Loaf Elementary

  • The fire panel alarm was beeping with a message that read: “Trouble.” There was a leaking toilet; and a ceiling drip in a computer lab.

Technology Services Center

  • A “small drip” from a cable conduit in a cubical side electrical room was found along with a wet spot on the floor.

Trimmier Elementary

  • Standing water and two sinks full of water in a room where iPads and storage carts were located. The custodian closet has a sink leak.

West Ward Elementary

  • A contractor found water coming up from the ground on the city’s side of the water meter. On Feb. 20, the city worked on water main and notified KISD that the water main will be repaired on Feb. 21.

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