Vista College

Vista College in Killeen.

A Killeen trade school with locations in Arkansas, New Mexico and across Texas abruptly closed Friday to the surprise of students and some staff.

According to students of the Killeen campus, an email was sent out Friday afternoon informing students that the campus was closed due to financial circumstances.

The email said the college would assist students in finding transfer programs for Vista College course credit, but as of Monday Vista College is inaccessible via phone.

Vista College, 1001 S. Fort Hood St. in Killeen, could not be reached for comment Monday through corporate or local phone numbers.

The Killeen Vista College website was seen Monday still advertising the start of classes today, Oct. 11.

The college specializes in healthcare, business, and technology trade certificates, according to the website.

Vista College, headquartered in Richardson, also has Texas campuses in Beaumont, Longview, College Station, El Paso which were all closed as of Friday.

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I was one of the students enrolled in their HVAC program, up until Friday Oct. 8th that is. We were supposed to be having a Zoom class to make-up some hours since the power went out Thursday night. However that obviously never happened because we all received the email before the time for the Zoom call even came around. I'm working with the financial institution handling my loan to get it discharged due to my school closing. But apparently Vista hasn't even updated anyone that they're closed yet, and I can't get ahold of anyone from the school to help me complete my discharge paperwork. I tried calling the Killeen campus directly, but it just sounds like someone is just answering the phone to hang it back up immediately after. A couple of months back Vista stopped taking new students and said it was because of Covid, which didn't make sense because I was able to enroll in March still during the pandemic, so I didn't really see what could have changed. Though we were told by our teachers that all currently enrolled students would get to finish their programs because Vista was "contractually obligated" to let us finish. I guess that wasn't true. I'm honestly nervous now because Vista made students sign paperwork during enrollment stating that we couldn't sue them for any reason. At the time I thought nothing of it. But now it's looking like they're trying to dip on everyone without actually helping them like they said they would.

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