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The announced policy at the beginning of the Public Forum specified that criticism of district employees would not be allowed. The sign specifically criticized Dr. Craft, a district employee. The protest sign violated that announced policy, so the denial was appropriate.

Killeen patriot

had the woman's sign not specifically names Dr. craft, then I believe they would have let her wear it. However, her campaign finds its self in complete folly. COVID cases are dropping significantly across the district and county. Not a single student had died as a result of infection from COVID. There are multiple studies, one by Waterloo University and one by U of Virginia, that show there is 10% or less protection provided by mask wearing. KISD has protected parent's rights and right fully let us decide what is best for our children. They have not prevented one person from wearing a mask if they chose to wear one. Masking is and should remain the choice of the individual.

Wayne Jefferson

Yes absolutely..part of the new maxist plan. If they don't like it they silence you or call it disinformation. I encourage everyone to not move to this crime ridden overbearing run town. The leaders don't live here so their property tax is not affected..rules for them not for us

Wayne Jefferson

Yes absolutely..seems now the few rule the majority. Anyone in their right mind should leave this stupid town. Why do you all think the leaders live outside city limits. The superintendent should cut his salary too and let some hard working employees earn a living..

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