With dirt flying and hard-hats equipped, the Killeen City Council members officially broke ground on the 368-unit NRP Group apartment complex that will be built in north Killeen.

“This is a tremendous opportunity,” Mayor Jose Segarra said at the groundbreaking at 801 S. W.S. Young Drive.

The culmination of two years of effort, the NRP Group’s new complex is a mixed-housing opportunity, with 50% of its units rate-limited to 80% of the area’s median income, effectively reducing rent by 20% for those units. With a median annual individual income of approximately $30,000 and average rent of about $1,000, rate-limited apartments would be set to an income of about $24,000 with a monthly rent of $800.

The complex is officially named “Robinson42,” paying homage to baseball player Jackie Robinson, whose number was 42, and was also stationed at Fort Hood prior to his Major League Baseball career. It also refers to the year Fort Hood was established, and the year Robinson was drafted, 1942, according to an NRP spokesman.

The complex is set to feature a club room, “resort style pool,” fitness center, private garages and a dog park. The complex is just a block away from the Rosa Hereford Killeen Community Center.

Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra stated that he believes the proximity to downtown Killeen will help provide foot traffic to the area and may even go a ways towards establishing a grocery store in north Killeen.

“You’re going to have people that live here,” Segarra said. “When they live here, it’s so easy to shop. They’re going to go downtown. It’s only a block or two away. If I live here I’m not going to go to the other side of the (Interstate 14) highway.”

The project was overseen by the Killeen Public Facility Corporation, an incorporated business comprised of the members of the Killeen City Council as well as City Manager Kent Cagle to oversee the creation of the Robinson42 apartment complex. Other stakeholders include J.P. Morgan and Texas Capital Bank.

Speaking after Segarra, Councilwoman and President of the PFC Mellisa Brown thanked her fellow council members for their hard work and dedication to a project that did not originally have unanimous support.

Killeen council members Rick Williams, Jessica Gonzalez, Michael Boyd and Nina Cobb, as well as City Attorney Traci Briggs were also present at the groundbreaking.

Initial leasing is expected to begin early next year, while the complex is projected to complete construction in 2024.

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@Noneofyourbiz: Yep I think your right, but if some of the choir members are willing to change from the traditional Socialist agenda back to the more capitalistic wardrobe and help stop this proverbial route then this city, this county, this state, this Nation will continue to flounder into the abyss and I sure do not want that to happen if it within my power to stop it. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think that I am the way this city council and city manager are spending the citizens money.


Copy: 'With dirt flying and hard-hats equipped, the Killeen City Council members officially broke ground on the 368-unit NRP Group apartment complex at 801 S. W.S. Young Drive after two years of effort.

"This is a tremendous opportunity," Mayor Jose Segarra said at the groundbreaking.

The complex is made up of mixed-housing opportunities, and 50% of its units will be rate-limited to 80% of the area's median income, effectively reducing rent by 20% for those units.' End of copy.

But I still say, 'What's in it for the citizens who already live here? What are the benefits of the existing citizens who will have to pay for the benefits of others that are being 'given' to these individuals such as ' a club room, "resort style pool," fitness center, private garages and a dog park. More importantly, the complex is just a block away from Killeen's downtown community center.' Some swimming pools in this town have been closed and now we are building another 'private swimming pool for the exclusive use of a select clientele.

So I just don't get it as for the reason that we are spending, at last report, $55 million on the north side of highway 190 for an apartment complex that will offer no benefit to the remaining 153,000 citizens of Killeen, Texas. These units are for the sole purpose of benefit to the residents of this complex as they will have no benefit from the spa, from the exercise facility, or from the swimming pool. I think it is being built to satisfy the whim of a past city council woman who has no inkling as to what this plan will do for the average citizen and the fact that this plan will do detriment to the city of Killeen, Texas as a whole.

So I don't get it as the citizens will get anything out of the 75 year tax advantage that will last until everyone who is over the age of 10 years will be dead.

So, again I ask you, as with the other article that was written, the fact that camp Hood or the fact that this establishment will be in honor of a baseball player by the name of Jackie Robinson going to motivate anyone to 'come to Killeen, Texas and take up residence at this location' going to inspire people into growth in conjunction with the rebuilding of a 70 percent vacancy of the crumbling 'Old Town', so what are we doing spending the money that our current citizenry while we have the excessive cost of currently $160 million dollars that is needed to rebuild our city streets. People, you do the math.

What is our city council and our current city functional group thinking?

By the way, From what I remember, this project was introduced with the present members of the city council unless the KEDC had a hand in it and it was not publicized until after the seating of the present city council.


@Alvin your preaching to the choir, I agree with you. Just wait you are really going to be upset with this in the next 5 years and 10 years from now the whole city is going to be upset.

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