pride house 10th street

A house on North 10th Street made it's way onto national social media accout "Zillow Gone Wild" for it's rainbow design paying ode to Pride Month.

A small North Killeen house stands out among the rest on the block for its colorful paint job representing the Gay Pride flag.

“You know that feeling you get seeing the really performative big corp rainbow merch during Pride Month? This house has the vibes with the rainbow outside and colorless insides,” Kiersten L. Flach commented on a Facebook post from social media account Zillow Gone Wild.

Zillow Gone Wild is known for its posting of strange houses and apartments around the country across its accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The account posted about the Killeen house, located on North 10th Street, Thursday.

Besides its colorful paint job, the house comes with a pretty standard interior and steep rental price of $1,499 a month.

“This rent is more than my mortgage payment! That’s ridiculous!” Nikki Marie Henry commented.

Michael Klein on Twitter had the same opinion about the rent. “Dude, rent is out of control if you’re asking for $1500 for anything in Killeen,” Klein commented.

But other users said that they liked the house for its paint job and one user on Twitter said that the house may even be convenient.

“I’m not gay, but even living in close to a house like that would be so convenient. ‘Yeah, so take a left and if you’ve reached the pride house, you’ve gone too far,” Mrs. Guts commented on Twitter. | 254-501-7553 



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There’s no excuse for you to be this ignorant when you clearly have a resource to educate yourself.


The only evil & vile perversion i see in this country is all the hatred, bigotry, prejudices, self-righteous hypocrism ,discrimination, bullying, persecution, oppression, social injusices, and violences directated towards racial & religious minorities, LGBTQ Americans, the disabled, and to the mentally ill, and homeless and others in our american society by evil & vile homopbic bigots like you

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