Killeen Police Department Chief Charles Kimble is seen in a YouTube video recorded by a man who refers to himself as "No Question Abaudit." No Question Abaudit has a YouTube channel of the same name which largely posts videos of Killeen police interactions.

A Killeen activist, who is challenging the lawfulness of his arrest Saturday while videotaping police, published a recorded interaction with the Killeen police chief to YouTube late Tuesday.

The videographer — who goes by the pseudonyms “No Question Abaudit” and “I’m the Public” has declined to give the Herald his real name — stumbled upon Killeen Police Department Chief Charles Kimble in an elevator at KPD headquarters on Tuesday.


"No Question Abaudit" was seen at the Killeen Daily Herald on Tuesday. 

The YouTuber said he is a Navy veteran in his mid-30s originally from Detroit, Michigan. KPD confirmed police arrested a man and charged him with interfering with an investigation last weekend, but the agency has yet to release the man’s name.

The Killeen Municipal Court, which handles misdemeanor cases, published a docket showing Kevin Duane Butler was arraigned on a charge he “interferred or obstructed an officer,” with a hearing date scheduled for the same day as No Question Abaudit’s hearing. The name of the arresting officer in Butler’s case also matched up with the officer making the arrest in the video.

Elevator meeting

On Tuesday, during a live-streamed YouTube video titled “Police Chief shows why the ego can be hazardous” filmed at the Killeen Police Department headquarters, 3304 Community Blvd., the YouTuber happens to end up in the same elevator as Kimble. To watch the video visit:

Prior to meeting Kimble, the activist took his viewers on a tour of KPD’s headquarters — walking through the crime prevention and internal affairs wing of the building - before meeting up with another YouTube videographer who calls himself “Foul Mouth Veteran.”


A man who identifies himself as "Foul Mouth Veteran" was featured on activist No Question Abaudit's latest YouTube videos at the Killeen Police Department Tuesday.

“As long as it don’t say ‘Restricted Access,’ then it’s free game,” he said in his video Tuesday. “This is what we pay for; this is the people’s building.”

The YouTuber took a moment to check out KPD’s refrigerator, remarking at a couple frozen turkeys found in the bottom drawer.

“If you want snacks, you come up to KPD, they got all the snacks,” No Question Abaudit told his viewers.

On the second leg of his tour, the activist got on an elevator, featuring an interior sign which read “Public Access.”

On his way to the next floor, as the videographer was facing the front of the elevator, a back elevator door opened and KPD Chief Kimble walked in.

No Question Abaudit greeted Kimble with, “How are you doing, Chief,” before asking if he recognized him.

Kimble replied, “Vaguely. I think you were arrested a couple days ago.”

When asked if the chief had time to talk, Kimble said he couldn’t due to a “scheduled appointment.”

After they exit the elevator, there is a brief discussion about how the activist got on the elevator.

“It’s usually controlled access,” Kimble said before waving his badge and getting back on the elevator alone.

Two additional videos were posted on No Question Abaudit’s YouTube channel Tuesday — one of an interview with the Killeen Daily Herald and one of a walkabout through Killeen City Hall.

Since September, he’s shared dozens of videos of interactions with Killeen police officers, public officials, and other public entities under his “No Question Abaudit” YouTube channel.

The activist identified himself as the person arrested by KPD Saturday for allegedly violating Killeen city ordinance Sec. 16-107: Interfering with or obstructing an officer.

Saturday’s incident

No Question Abaudit’s YouTube video of his arrest Saturday had more than 5,300 views as of Wednesday morning. After news of his arrest spread through social media, KPD released a statement about the matter Monday evening.

In the YouTube video of his arrest posted Saturday, viewers can see the videographer approaching and recording what appears to be a KPD traffic stop. To view the video visit

As one KPD officer appears to be talking to passengers in the vehicle, the activist can be heard on his recording saying, “If you’re a passenger you don’t have to identify,” at which point a second officer turns to the videographer, shines his light at his camera, and informs him “You are now breaking the law, you are interfering with a traffic stop.”

The Detroit-native claims he was unlawfully arrested early Saturday morning, held for 12 hours, and mistreated during his time at the Killeen City Jail.

In a news release Monday night, Killeen Police Department Chief Charles Kimble said the department is investigating an arrest after a video circulated on social media over the weekend, but the individual arrested was not named.

According to KPD, an individual interrupted an investigation early Saturday morning in which a driver, who was pulled over during a traffic stop, was arrested for an outstanding warrant from Oklahoma.

“On December 18, 2021 at about 12:40 a.m., Killeen Police officers conducted a traffic stop and subsequently arrested the driver for an outstanding warrant out of Lawton, OK for Discharging a Firearm into a Dwelling. Investigating Officers learned that there was a weapon inside the vehicle and were trying to determine if any other laws were being violated,” Kimble said.

During the investigation Saturday morning, No Question Abaudit said he happened to witness officers and began filming the interaction as he’s done dozens of other times.

“While conducting their investigation, they (police officers) were approached by an individual who interjected himself into the investigation by engaging with other individuals in the vehicle, distracting the officers, and creating a safety hazard for all involved parties,” Kimble said. “The subject in question was arrested and charged violating Sec. 16-107 (Interfering with or Obstructing an Officer) of the City of Killeen Code of Ordinances.”

Monday the police chief confirmed the department would investigate the arrest.

“The Killeen Police Department Code of Conduct requires our officers to preserve and protect the individual rights and freedoms of citizens,” Kimble said. “Due to the public interest in this incident, we will be conducting an investigation into the matter.”

When asked by the Herald for the name of the videographer arrested, KPD refused, saying it is KPD policy to not release names in misdemeanor cases. The Herald submitted an open records request for information about the matter Wednesday morning. | 254-501-7567 | 254-501-7567


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Doc vn

I see most of the people commenting ear have been failed by our education system. Too bad they never read the constitution or lay down blood on the battlefields in our country‘s name, or taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Your police department have become the domestic enemies of the United States. This man was doing nothing illegal, absolutely nothing against the law, and what he was doing is a protected constitutional right. You people need to learn the law otherwise if you were going to comment on it before you do so Heed Abraham Lincoln’s words,It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thawed a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. As for whether or not he has a life as for what he does with his life thank all you people for knowing exactly what everyone should do. You people have run this country into the ground by giving up your rights next how about the police officers come to your house randomly Choose a house and search it do you know in order to be obstructing a police officer you have to physically obstruct him words are not obstruction as ruled on by the Supreme Court but of course you people are such legal scholars never mind I’m done my grandfather told me years ago I waste my time when I cast pearls before swine


Most of us are photographed every day. Whether we shop or work in a retail store, a restaurant, a bank, or whether we are in a bus, train, Uber ride or just driving or walking down a city street or walking down a residential sidewalk. We don’t claim that our “public” activities, whether work related or not, are somehow “private matters” that may not be photographed. Law enforcement officers, however, work FOR the public, yet they sometimes claim that “police business” in public is not “public business” at all.

No one is arguing that the traffic stop in this case wasn’t valid or productive. It was both. But, arresting a bystander who was taking photos and talking to vehicle occupants was constitutionally wrong, whether a City Ordinance permitted it, or not.

I’m not a supporter of “activists” in general. In some cases (like this one) constitutional rights activists purposely push right up to the edge of legal free speech, free press, and public photography. Why? Because police officers sometimes confront them at that edge, rather than ignore them and allow them some space and latitude to exercise their constitutional rights. The risk to law enforcement for engaging in this game of chicken is bad publicity for the department. Let these guys photograph and speak. Taking on the US Constitution is usually a losing battle.

I am happy to see that Killeen Police Chief Kimble has ordered an Internal Affairs investigation concerning officer conduct in this matter. It’s past time to drop the misdemeanor charge against the photographer/speaker, retrain officers regarding constitutional rights, and stay focused on the increasing homicide case folders.

Doc vn

The police department will investigate using police from the same department of those officers that made the rats you know the same cops that hang out with them the same ones that watch football on Sunday with them drink beer and have a little barbecue I’m surprise they’re fine they did nothing wrong. By the way before you tell me what a dangerous job police do and how much they help people think again according to the department of labor they don’t even make the top 10 dangerous jobs A warehouse worker had some more dangerous job a construction worker had some more dangerous job they are under trained it takes a half the amount of time to become a police officer in your state then it takes to become a hairdresser. They are overpaid and the citizens believe all the baloney the police showed down their throat‘s.The police are there to generate revenue for the city 90% of what they do is writing tickets for crimes that have no victim they prey on the poor and the minorities do some research you’ll see


@dailymajor: For once I am in complete agreement with you. This individual is among the ones that forever procrastinate against the police, or any law enforcement agency until they are needed and then they procrastinate about why didn't come when they were called for.

Yes I agree and this dragging it out from another segment is just just that, dragging it out.

It needs to be stopped and stopped now. That is what I say.


The Police Chief.. or the attention seeker.. shows why arrogance can be hazardous ? It seems like the Police Chief was doing his job.


Just another loudmouth seeking the attention that he must so deparately need, since he is apparently missing that attention in all the other aspects of his life.....He does show that must be the case, with all of the spare time he has to stalk the police....Hope he never needs the police in a critical, dangerous, maybe even life- threatening situation someday.


@Timetomove: Are you a follower of woke? It would seem to be as you 'fear for your personal safety by wanting to keep your personal identity a secret'. I am reminded of 'people who want to withhold their own identity generally have something to hide'.

So once again, you have something bitter to say about current events, but you don't want your identity known.

Well I'll say it again, 'I support, to the hilt, our local law enforcement, our military, and the defense of our country, but I don't or will not support a police chief that upsets the apple cart by asking for a single accidental discharge of a 5 year old hand gun that cost the citizens of this city hundreds of thousands of dollars'. I'm for law enforcement and I try to watch out for my neighbors, but I am not a overzealous type who buts into every other person's business. I'm for 'Law and order' in all aspects and supports the police.


Broken promise. Two representatives of this newspaper have failed to honor their agreement with “I’m The People.” In a video interview with the person arrested, both representatives arranged that they would not divulge the true name of “I’m The People.” Without considering his personal safety and lack of conscious, they violated their previously agreed upon promise to the First Amendment Accountability Auditor. Just days after the incident with Killeen Police Department, the newspaper knew what they were doing was harmful to “I’m The People” and his family. Owing to their selfless actions, members of the staff and an Education Reporter have willingly increased potential harm toward members of the general public by unsavory individuals. Once again, this newspaper shows that it has no moral integrity. Community members that decide to stand up for their rights as American citizens, will be less likely to do so knowing that this newspaper has no decency. This paper does not represent the community that they represent. Again, newspaper management and representatives should be ashamed of itself for releasing the name of “I’m The People” and acting and judge and jury!


Well I hate dispute you, again, but if I remember correctly the individual was quoted as saying from September, 2022 until the present he had confronted the KPD dozens of times, Not once or twice, but dozens of times so in my personal opinion he was stalking them'

Copy: “It’s usually controlled access,” Kimble said before waving his badge and getting back on the elevator alone.' End of copy.

I don't where you have worked before but there is a public entrance at the font of the building and depending on what area of the building you work in you are restricted from entering. All access points other than the front entrance, you may be required to have a badge to gain entrance.

Copy: 'As one KPD officer appears to be talking to passengers in the vehicle, the activist can be heard on his recording saying, “If you’re a passenger you don’t have to identify,” at which point a second officer turns to the videographer, shines his light at his camera, and informs him “You are now breaking the law, you are interfering with a traffic stop.” End of copy.

Now what possessed to individual to say such a thing? Have you ever heard of the word, Courtesy, that is what the individual was short of. As the officer was standing beside the car, with the other officer standing to the back of the vehicle, clearly the individual could be heard from the inside of the car and in no way was cognizant of the conversation, but he blurted out anyway that, ' If you’re a passenger you don’t have to identify'. Now what part of the conversation did he feel that was relevant? I surmise 'none of it'.

So you see it is just not a normal thing to do, to interject into a conversation where a policeman is discussing something to a citizen whether it be on the sidewalk, in a car parked on the side of the road, or any other point of concern. You are supposed to keep your mouth shut for it is none of your business

So therefor, to be a courteous individual you should continue on your way

And normally when it comes to public buildings, parts of the buildings are generally marked, 'No Admittance' in all areas not recognized for public access.


Copy: '“As long as it don’t say ‘Restricted Access,’ then it’s free game,” he said in his video Tuesday. “This is what we pay for; this is the people’s building.” End of copy.

Yes I believe you are right, but don't you think that there should be some control over how the access is granted, to what areas, and to where the access is granted? There is a settee going on right now as to the public's access is and should be granted in the halls of Congress. It is a public building all right but there are controlled conditions for access to being in there. Take the City Hall for example, as there are restricted areas of city hall.

Copy: 'After they exit the elevator, there is a brief discussion about how the activist got on the elevator.

“It’s usually controlled access,” Kimble said before waving his badge and getting back on the elevator alone.' End of copy.

Yes that is a good question of 'How did the individual get onto the elevator as this elevator normally would be controlled access.

Copy: 'During the investigation Saturday morning, No Question Abaudit said he happened to witness officers and began filming the interaction as he’s done dozens of other times.' End of copy' End of copy.

Didn't one of the other publications say since September he has videotaped the Killeen Police Department. In my personal opinion, he didn't happen to be in the same neighborhood as the KPD, he stalked them with so frequent the interludes.

Copy: 'Monday the police chief confirmed the department would investigate the arrest.' End of copy.

It seems to me that this man has shown to the world the way he looks at the police department so there is not to be much of an investigation. In my opinion, he should not gather much, if any, dust as to his guilt for he was certainly guilty of construction be it verbal as it was a distraction.

So therefor, with the KPD answering to a code of conduct in which always preserves the rights of the citizen, I don't see how these officers can be guilty of anything besides 'doing their jobs'.

I stand behind the Police Department as to this case.


I support every good officer, and good chief in this world, I also stand by citizens rights.

Citizens auditing police departments are protected and is also protected under many different areas of the law and state constitution.

Transparency is what auditing is about, just like the man videoing stated that their was a sign stating the elevator was public access. If it is public access than why would it be controlled?

Under state and federal laws public buildings that our paid for and use tax dollars must be open to the public and have restricted areas posted. Restrictions on areas must meet federal and state guidelines in order to be legally restricted.

YouTubers, Facebook and other social media platforms have allowed for more Citizens reporters to be heard and also allows them the same privilege as other reporters.

Back to the first video, the man did not say anything aggressive, nor was he a threat, nor did he advocate for any violence what so ever:

The officer in car, maintained his ability and went on with his job after telling the man to move over their.

The other officer lost control and forced the first officer to leave the vehicle.

I appreciate and applaud the officer that was handling the car, he had the situation under control, he was calm, cool and was only forced to walk away because the other officer became skittish and was escalating the situation, and was bull baiting.

It is easy to arm chair quarterback, I was raised by a whole dist of police officers and was taught their I good police officers and than their is the bad apples, stay clear of the bad ones, watch how they react.

Yet sadly I have heard one to many times how freedom of speech ends at the city limits of Killeen, unless you belong to certain groups.

With all that said, I stand by the officer that was dealing with the car, he is a good officer an officer that Killeen Texas can be proud of!

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