Bell County Democrats are hosting a rally called “March for our lives,” an event to end gun violence, on Saturday at a Killeen park.

The group says that the event will be an opportunity for attendees to learn about gun safety, talk to candidates and elected officials, and to register to vote.

The rally will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at Killeen Community Center Park, 2201 E. Veterans Blvd.

“March for Our Lives is a movement that encourages young people and supporters to take action by garnering support to end gun violence through policy initiatives, educational initiatives, voting initiatives, and mobilization,” according to a news release about the event from Lynda Nash, the Bell County Democratic Party chairwoman and a Harker Heights councilwoman.

“Gun safety has always been a prevalent issue, but has come to the forefront because of recent mass shootings including those in Buffalo and Uvalde,” according to the release. “Now is the time to implement significant resolutions. To take action, the Bell County Democrats are hosting a rally, in support of the National March for Our Lives campaign, where they will offer an opportunity to speak to local candidates and elected officials. There will be gun safety courses by instructor Terrell Simmons, a letter writing campaign, voter registration as well as conducting important conversations around it.” | 254-501-7553 



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if nothing else happens, it appears someone has learned a valuable grammar lesson and the prudence of having someone proofread one's news release in order to avoid embarrassing "typos".


If you believe in your right to own a gun, show up as a counter protester

Wayne Jefferson

Democrats just want to fan the flames of grief and political gain. They want you to believe a couple simple new laws will stop these things from happening.. it won't and even if all guns were banned it wouldn't make a difference. That coward broke every law that day and do you think he would abide by any new law. How did he fund the purchase of almost 4000 dollars worth of weaponry without a job or credit for a loan. And gun free zones only make the coward feel safer for he knows it's a gun free zone. I say all of us honest responsible gun owners make a appearance to quell any stupid ideas that their laws will help..God help us all


Did I read that headline right? Democrats are holding a rally to "end gun control"? talk about a flip flop on the issue. Do they even know what they are rallying about? because gun control and gun violence are NOT the same thing. "March for our lives to END GUN CONTROL". Classic example of Democrats not understanding the issue or grammar.


Want violence to go down? Stop voting Democrat. The highest crime rate cities are all controlled by democrats.


They thought trotting out Matthew McConaughey would make us forget that they stole the election, organized Antifa and BLM riots, tore our historic statues down, committed treason overthrowing an elected President, forced mask mandates and vaccine passports on us, gave us 6 dollar gas, baby formula and food shortages, inflation, defunded the police, called us domestic terrorists and tried to take away our right to defend ourselves... well that ain't gonna happen. #NeverForget


I am sure the criminals will follow all of the policies the Dumb A** Democrats and RINOS are wanting to implement.


No thank you.

The solution is easy and starts at home. Teach your kids to respect each other, teach your kids gun safety, teach your kid to stop bullying, teach your kids that gangs are bad, teach your kids to respect life, teach your kids that entitlement, selfishness and hate are wrong.

Start preaching to your kids and stop trying to take the rights away from law bidding citizens.

Veto the Beto, don’t be a potato and vote for the tomato.

Democrats need to focus on the real issues, like inflation and how inflation is going to create more violent crime, how inflation is going to increase mor mental health issues and need to get their greed hands out of the tax payer pockets.

Democrats create higher crime rates and violence.

Republicans create higher crime and violence.

Taxation is theft and both political parties are corrupt.

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