Killeen Meeting

City Attorney, Traci Clark, speaks during her presentation on carrying of handguns during city council meetings on Tuesday.

The Killeen City Council denied an item at Tuesday’s regular meeting that would have prohibited the open or concealed carry of handguns inside the council chambers at City Hall while the council is meeting.

Councilwoman Shirley Fleming first made a motion to approve the item, which died without a second from the rest of the council.

Following that, Councilwoman Melissa Brown made a motion to deny the resolution that was seconded by Councilman Terry Clark. The council voted in favor of Brown’s resolution, 6-1, with Fleming the only member in opposition.

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Melissa Brown will have my vote. Shirley Fleming will not. Fleming is just another liberal politician attacking gun owners when no problem exists.


LOL. Shirley Fleming is not running for anything.


LoL as well. This is what happens when our local news doesn't give fair coverage to all candidates.

You know as well as I do, three people spoke against it, to include Mrs.Teel, Mrs. Teel also spoke on impact fees and did the invocation.

The problem is when citizens are denied the full truth and given a false narrative by the media based on which city council member or candidate that the media is backing.

I have personal been to two of Mrs. Teel's meet and greets, both have been packed. I also have sent in media press releases about these events and both have not been reported on, all because Mrs. Teel is not a Democrat nor is she a republican. Kdhnews has one agenda and that is to discriminate against anyone that doesn't hold Kdhnews political beliefs.

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