The Killeen City Council is set for another busy day at City Hall Tuesday as it prepares to discuss several requests to rezone areas of Killeen at its meeting, followed by a workshop to continue discussion tabled last Tuesday.

Starting the meeting will be a presentation of the Killeen Star Award, multiple consent items from its workshop last Tuesday and several zoning hearings, including a possible new neighborhood off South Fort Hood Street.

If approved, the new neighborhood would include both R-1 and R-2 housing, as well as a small homeowners association maintained and publicly accessible park.

Council members spoke fairly of the measure last week, but were concerned about the traffic in the area. Councilwoman Mellisa Brown had requested a street impact survey be completed and suggested the potential of a traffic light to help direct traffic in and out of the neighborhood.

Also on the agenda is the second hearing for what would become a new children’s homeless shelter. If approved, a house on Cinch Drive would become a center for homeless teens. Cinch Drive is near South Fort Hood Street in southwest Killeen.

Immediately following the 5 p.m. regular meeting, council is expected to hold a workshop meeting with four key items.

The workshop will begin with City Manager Kent Cagle’s COVID-19 update, followed by the reintroduction of the multifamily rental inspection unit program. The program, which Director of Development Services Tony McIlwain has described as beneficial to the long-term health of downtown Killeen, was met with extreme reluctance last week.

Councilman Michael Boyd went on record as saying that he was “uncomfortable with the program,” in its current state.

Council is also expected to discuss the fiscal year 2022 budget, Capital Improvement Programs, and uses for the American Rescue Plan Act.

Council will be required to sharpen their priorities and decide which of the remaining 34 proposed programs it will be forced to strike.

Finally, a review was conducted several weeks ago of the city’s “governing standards.” The item has appeared on multiple agendas, but has yet to be formally discussed at either an agenda or workshop. The agenda item appeared at the tail end of last week’s workshop, but was tabled due to the workshop stretching into the next day.

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jdowling@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7552


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