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Development of a new City of Killeen comprehensive plan is underway, and the public has the opportunity to help shape the future of the city by completing two surveys that are available online.

Survey No. 1 has 10 questions designed to learn more about the individuals that live in Killeen and solicit their opinions on what is good about the city and what could make it better. The survey will remain open through April 3, according to a news release from the city of Killeen.

Survey No. 2 also has 10 questions but with a focus on values and vision. Participants are asked to rank the importance of certain values to determine which are most important to the community. They will also be asked to look into the future to help determine the direction of the city.

A comprehensive plan is a collective community vision that guides successful city growth. Through the involvement of stakeholders, the plan identifies long-term issues and builds action items for near-term efforts. Once adopted, the plan is a decision-making tool that helps inform policies and prioritize the investment of public resources to meet shared goals, according to the release.

A successful comprehensive plan will establish community-wide values and priorities and create a framework to align future decisions for land use, transportation networks, public facilities and other projects to meet and uphold them.

Community engagement will be solicited throughout the planning process from residents and stakeholders through surveys, meetings and focus groups and through email and phone messages.

Surveys and additional information about the comprehensive plan can be accessed at

254-501-7464 |


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Went to answer questions, no wonder no one is answering the question.

First it takes forever to load.

Second, it sounds like a democrat question and answer quiz to join thier party.

Most of the questions have nothing to do with what an actual city comprehensive plan is.

The big question is what does social justice have to do with anything. Besides increase taxes on property owners in a city that is over taxed already.

None of the questions actually targeted the real problems in the city of killeen.

It did not target issues like the high crime rate, high gang activity, and the high rate of gang violence.

Go check the questions out and see for yourself, this is nothing more than the same planning used in portland org, and the violence crime rate in pensacola increased along with moving out the taxpayers.

So the big question is, is the Citizens in Killeen ready to live in a city like portland org and willing to give up thier freedoms to live under socialism?


This funding has been a long time coming for the city. We can only hope the water situation will actually happen. LOL *Fingers crossed* This is actually my most dire concern for the city. Now we can see the roads are going to be better but then what? Idk what violence in other states has to with Killeen except maybe they have some way to fix it? The world is pretty broken right now and it's hard to have trust in anyone that won't provide power under duress, knowing your people will die without power. This wasn't a war of the Texans. It was Bullshit. Much like your last comment/statement.


Also, I appreciate that you replied.


This survey sounded like a muffled version of ..'we don't really care enough to make it audible to the people you're asking for information. GG

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