Coryell County Jail

A sign in Copperas Cove urges voters to not support the issuance of $30.9 million worth of bonds. Voters responded accordingly, overwhelmingly voting against the measure.

The issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of $30.9 million will not happen after final unofficial election results were released by Coryell County officials Saturday evening.

A total of 2,024 voters (73.2%) said they were “against” the bond, while 743 (26.8%) have said they were “for” it.

The issue of building a new jail facility in the county has been a topic for the past several years.

On Nov. 8, 2011, 53.17% of voters indicated they were in favor of an $18.8 million bond for the construction of a slightly smaller jail.

The plan never came to fruition, however, as the Coryell County Commissioners’ Court were held up by the cost to build a new jail.

Coryell County Sheriff Scott Williams had been relentless in his pursuit of a new jail.

The current jail, which is in downtown Gatesville, has a capacity of 92 beds. It is regularly over-capacity, and the county has to send inmates to one of six other nearby counties.

Since the bond issue failed the election, the county will have to continue to do so.

Williams said in April that if the issue did not pass, the county could not take action on the issue again for another three years at a minimum. 



Against: 2,024 (73.2%)

For: 743 (26.8%)

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At least Coryell voters went to the polls.

Lampasas County voters turned down a new jail, TWICE!

So then they moved the ballot initiative to the May election, knowing hardly anybody ever shows up, and got it approved!

Tell me again about integrity in local politics!

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