The Killeen City Council is set to determine the preliminary tax rate for the 2022 fiscal year at a special meeting Tuesday.

The tax rate has been a topic of discussion for the council. City Manager Kent Cagle has proposed a new tax rate of 70.56 cents per $100 valuation, which is almost three cents lower lower than the current tax rate of 73.30 cents.

Councilwoman Mellisa Brown, however, has said that the tax rate would need to be around 67.79 cents to keep residents paying roughly the same amount in taxes as they do currently.

Also on the docket is a city council workshop, which is set to follow immediately after the special meeting.

Winter Storm Uri

First up is a resolution terminating the Winter Storm Uri state of disaster. The city of Killeen entered into a state of disaster in the wake of Winter Storm Uri on Feb. 15, and suffered millions of dollars of damages to its roadways and other infrastructure.

“Now that the initial response is over and the disaster impact assessments completed, the state of disaster can be terminated,” the official staff report said.

Council is also expected to discuss several resolutions which, if passed, would accept bids from independent contractors.

Contracting bids and a new water tower

The first is an $80,500 bid to repair HVAC equipment, while the second is a $100,000 bid to approve a “thermoplastic applicator.”

The third bid is a $500,000 project that would advance the city’s plan to replace all water meters in Killeen with so called “smart meters.”

The largest bid by far is a $5.3 million bid by Landmark Structures to create a new water tank on Chaperral Road over the course of three years. According to Executive Director of Development Services Tony McIlwain, the project would bring Killeen into compliance with local water ordinances and would improve the overall quality of water for the city of Killeen.

The fifth bid comes out to $908,088 and would enable Kimley-Horn and Associates to complete a water line and storage tank for the previous project on Chapperal Road.

Finally, there is a bid to authorize the “emergency purchase” of turf for Stonetree Golf Course in the amount of $124,265.75. According to McIlwain’s staff report, Stonetree purchased 109,000 square feet of greens and 80,000 square feet of collar, trees and fairways.

There was also a bid to replace mobile data terminals for the police department at the cost of $86,929.

In other items, there are several rezoning requests as well as an easement request by Atmos Energy.

Other programs

Toward the end of the meeting, council is expected to discuss the fiscal year 2022 budget and next year’s capital improvement program. The capital improvement program is the council’s capital works programming that requires at least $50,000 and takes place over several years.

The council is also expected to discuss the new multi-family inspection program, which would allow Development Services to assemble a new six-person team to tackle urban housing and bring them back up to code.

Finally, the council is expected to review governing standards and receive an update from Cagle regarding the current impact of COVID-19.

The council meeting is set to begin at 5 p.m. in the council chambers at the Killeen City Hall.

The agenda may be found online at killeentexas.gov.

The council meeting may be livestreamed at killeentexas.gov/281/Council-Live-Streaming.

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jdowling@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7552


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