Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd

Councilman Michael Boyd is currently in Washington, D.C., until Wednesday, representing the City of Killeen at the annual Association of the U.S. Army Expo.

AUSA is a nationwide advocacy group for the Army and has chapters all over the country, including its biggest chapter in the Fort Hood area. The six-day conference, which allows AUSA chapters from around the world to meet with Army leadership and learn what’s new and upcoming in the Army, began Friday morning.

The conference includes forums and seminars from individuals such as retired Brigadier General and President of the United States Army Women’s Foundation Ann F. Macdonald.

Points of discussion for the conference include topics such as suicide rates and inclusion, as well as technology.

Boyd had the following to say regarding his representation of the City of Killeen at the AUSA Expo.

“I look forward to representing the City of Killeen at the 2021 AUSA conference. It is a great opportunity to engage in relationship building with our military. It remains important that we sustain the support we give as community leaders to Fort Hood. Ultimately, we want to make sure Fort Hood remains here in relation to possible base realignments. I will be joining retired Maj. Gen. Ken Cox, amongst other local leaders, in attending scheduled networking events. As a community leader, letting our military know we support our soldiers is imperative. I look forward to productive engagement and supporting the activities in place.”

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Ah yes, @overseer: I think you called it right. Ut maybe it's part of the training program to groom the next mayor. You know, they have to start early.

As the retiring mayor, it's especially, it's especially time consuming to get the right candidate for this position. So it's time consuming to train someone.

Yep, I think you called it right.


As did others on the council. As have almost all other former council members. KDH, if my memory serves me correctly, did you not once criticize the council for taking these trips? Are we now to assume that you support the trips as you highlight one specific council member who thought it a good political “announcement” to provide to readers and a great majority of citizens do not really care? Yes, there is some knowledge and insight to be gained from the trip but, the value of this trip can only be revealed by what Mr. Boyd does with the information he has obtained.


I smell a former councilmember jealousy over here. [lol]

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