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The chairs of the Bell County Democratic and Republican parties reacted to former Vice President Joe Biden’s election to the presidency Saturday.

After the major news outlets declared Biden the winner, Democratic Party Chairman Chris Kelley Rosenberg and Republican Party Chair Nancy Boston shared their thoughts on the election and the prospects of the parties working with the new president in the coming year.



Bell County Democrats


“This is a pivotal moment in our national history. This election was about the conscience of our country and a return to sound governance. We have chosen a president who wants to be the president for all Americans, and his administration will help heal the deep, bitter divisions in our country.

There is much work to be done, and we are ready to roll up our sleeves to get to it. As President-elect Biden has said, “We are the United States of America. And there’s nothing we can’t do, if we do it together.”

President-elect Biden has 47 years of public service that has prepared him for finding common ground and solving the nation’s most pressing issues.

We need a comprehensive plan to manage COVID-19. We need affordable healthcare, living wages, and fully-funded public schools. We must address systemic racism and climate change.

The Biden Administration will face these unprecedented challenges with perseverance and common-sense solutions.”



Bell County Republicans


“The outcome of this election has not been finally and officially decided. If Biden prevails, the citizens of this nation will be ill served.

If it turns out that the election was conducted honestly, then the people have spoken. We are all Americans and we wish the new president well as he leads our nation over the next four years.

The Democrats’ actions over the past four years indicate they have no desire or ability to work with the Republicans in the interest of our constitutional Republic.

If the Democrats are willing to seek compromise solutions, then I think the parties can work together. If not, it will be more of the same.”

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I agree with Nacy Boston.

Last night in Salem Oregon and many other areas of our country the blm/antifa took to the streets once again. Chanting, yelling, and tossing stuff at the police. The only difference last night, was the people in the streets were declaring war on any one that voted republican with threats of death, doxing, being beat up, and dragged to the streets.

As a woman, the fact that the democrats didn't run the best women for the job was disappointing, as there was so many good female candidates to chose from to run as Vp, and the Dems chose to play identiy politics and chose a woman based on sex/race.

As a Libertarian, I do not trust this election, nor local elections as I have seen the games that have been layed at local level, and I know that the elections in this area have been messed with in the past. I also know that groups here have used fear and aggression to sway voters. The same way that the blm/antifa used the protest/riots and calling people racist to interfere and force people to vote one way.

That is why I chose to walk away from both parties and vote Libertarian, as I fear being sued, lied about or having a city council member and her group label me a racist.

This is my opinion and I have all rights to this, it is called freedom of speech.

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