This screen shot shows the moment a physical altercation began during a Copperas Cove vs. Harker Heights basketball game last Tuesday in Copperas Cove. A total of 10 players were charged with misdemeanors by the Copperas Cove Police Department for their involvement in the altercation.

A total of 10 individuals from Harker Heights and Copperas Cove received misdemeanor charges of riot participation for their involvement in a skirmish between the two teams during a basketball game last Tuesday.

“A physical altercation involving athletes from both schools escalated into a nearby hallway where school and law enforcement officials intervened, causing a large crowd to move toward the altercation,” Copperas Cove police said in a news release Monday.

Copperas Cove police officers responded to a call around 8:40 p.m. last Tuesday in reference to a fight.

As a result of the investigation, Cove PD issued misdemeanor warrants for the following individuals: Terrance Lavar Carter Jr., Aidan Ali Nageeullah, Christopher Jermaine Pullen Jr., Dequan Savales Seda, Devon Keon Seda, Jerry Lewis Thomas, and Roderick William Pollard.

Also receiving charges were three juveniles, whose information will not be released, police said.

All individuals besides one were arrested over the weekend. The individuals were arraigned by Coryell County Justice of the Peace John Guinn and received $3,000 surety bonds.

Killeen Independent School District suspended two players for the remainder of the season and 11 for one game.

Copperas Cove ISD also suspended two players for the remainder of the season and four for one game.

“The UIL has investigated a report regarding the January 18 incident between Harker Heights and Copperas Cove high school basketball teams that resulted in early termination of the contest,” said Julia A. Zachary, the communications coordinator for the University Interscholastic League, which governs high school activities, including athletics.

Zachary said in her email Monday that UIL officials confirmed that the matter was being addressed by the local school administrations, law enforcement and the District Executive Committee.


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Is this the Ken Wilkerson on the Killeen city council?


Wow blk ppl again


looks like the same harker heights kid that was in altercation with the ellison team


Now charge both teams with a loss and suspend those involved.


Already done.


That’s what’s wrong with us now. We’re willing to thro the book at kids at the drop of a dime. It was a basketball game fight. Happens pretty often in sports. Unless you’re a incel sitting in your parents basement you probably were involved in one or two fights as a kid. They’re setting a dangerous precedent in Texas for charging students in the justice system for something that happens almost weekly in all sports. I was a football coach in copperas cove and I recall more than one or two altercations that (by these standards) would have resulted in quite a few charges. Be an adult and hold kids accountable within reason.


Really? Individuals? That’s what we’re calling kids/students/teenagers now? SMH


No charges filed. I could go on.

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