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CCISD Superintendent Joe Burns

COPPERAS COVE — To go along with the 3% pay raise given to all employees within the Copperas Cove Independent School District, the school board of trustees approved the same raise for Superintendent Joe Burns Tuesday evening.

All modifications to Burns’ salary or contract must be done in a separate agenda item during a school board meeting.

With the raise, Burns will now receive an annual salary of $188,840, effective on the first paycheck of the 2021-2022 school year. The raise is an increase of $5,500 from the $183,340 he currently receives.

“He does not ever take a raise unless his staff and teachers are getting one,” said board president Joan Manning Tuesday evening. “We try sometimes, but he won’t let us do that.”

Burns is under contract with the district through June 30, 2026.

During the May 14 meeting, the board of trustees approved the new pay increases.

After approval by the board, the starting salary for new teachers with zero years of experience will now be $50,000, an increase from $47,500.

All current teachers will also see an increase of at least $1,650 per year.

The starting pay increase will include instructional aides who will have a higher starting pay based on experience, and starting pay for bus drivers will also increase to $14.56 per hour.

The district also offers recruitment incentives to its bus drivers.

New drivers will receive a $200 bonus if they stay with the district for six months and a $400 bonus if they stay with the district for a year.

The Texas Association of School Boards sets the salary range for all positions, except for teachers, nurses, librarians and counselors.

All other employees will get the 3% increase off of the midpoint salary.

Salary increases off of the midpoint salary are to ensure that all employees receive the same amount of a raise.

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Modern education creating people who are smart enough to accurately repeat what they're told and follow orders.

AND dumb enough to think this makes them smarter than everyone else all paid for by the taxpayers.

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