COPPERAS COVE — Bus drivers and substitute teachers in Copperas Cove ISD will see an increase in their pay thanks to a unanimous vote of the CCISD Board of Trustees Tuesday evening. The pay increases are retro-active back to Sept. 13 for substitute teachers and retroactive for bus drivers for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

Bus drivers received an hourly pay increase from $14.65 per hour to $18 per hour plus a $250 incentive after working 30 consecutive workdays in a semester for the 2021-2022 school year.

All currently employed bus drivers will see their pay increased by the same amount.

During the school board meeting, Superintendent Joe Burns told the trustees that the district is short 17 drivers, or enough for 34 routes. He added that some routes are being delayed by over an hour.

He said that recent pay raises by nearby school districts had rendered the district noncompetitive in attracting new bus driver hires.

Drivers are eligible to earn the $250 incentive twice a year — once during each semester. Previously, drivers were offered a one-time $400 incentive after one year of service in the district.

Bus drivers will continue to receive a $200 referral incentive for the recruitment of drivers who work for six consecutive months in CCISD. The newly recruited driver must list on his/her application the name of the bus driver that referred him/her.

CCISD pays for the new drivers’ Class B Commercial Drivers’ Licenses after one full year of employment. Candidates must possess a Class B CDL, with P&S endorsements, and complete a 20-hour Department of Public Safety certification class for which the fee is paid by CCISD.

Drivers must also pass a background check, driver record history check, and annual physical.

Bus drivers are guaranteed a minimum of five hours per day and a free Employee Only Health Plan.


Substitute teachers in Copperas Cove are also enjoying a pay increase with non-degreed substitutes receiving $105 per day, up from $75 per day; substitute teachers with bachelors degrees now receive $115 per day, up from $100 per day, with an additional increase to $130 per day for a long-term position. A certified teacher who is working as a long-term substitute earns $180 per day, up from $150.

Copperas Cove ISD substitute teachers must be at least 21 years of age and have the ability to pass a background check and fingerprinting.

To apply to become a bus driver, substitute teacher or any position open in CCISD, visit

Killeen ISD

In Killeen ISD, bus drivers make $17.46 an hour after the KISD board approved a pay increase this spring.

For substitutes, Killeen pays $76.80 for teacher aide subs and $70 for all secretary subs.

Non-degreed substitutes get $76.80 per day for classroom teachers and $90 per day for long-term substitute positions.

Substitutes with a four-year degree get $84.20 per day for classroom teachers and $97.30 per day for long-term substitute positions.

Substitutes who are state certified teachers get $97.30 per day for classroom teachers and $110.40 per day for long-term substitute positions.

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