HARKER HEIGHTS — The Creature Teacher, Belinda Henry, made a return appearance at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library on Wednesday, delighting hundreds of area residents and their children with her live animal show.

To accommodate the large crowds, Henry gave two performances. The morning showing alone brought in about 300 attendees, and children’s librarian Amanda Hairston said she expected about that same number for the afternoon performance.

This time around, Henry brought with her a chinchilla from the Andes Mountains, a hedgehog, a South American Crab-eating raccoon, an Angora rabbit, a coatimundi, a chameleon, and a boa constrictor. She introduced each animal with its name (the rabbit, hailing from England, is named Prince Harry), where they live, and gave lots of interesting facts about each one; children even learned new terms, such as “nocturnal” and “rodent.”

As she talked about each animal, Henry also made sure to walk around the room so that everyone, child and adult alike, could get a good, close look, though these were for looking only.

The star of the show was saved for last — a baby kangaroo named Aussie. This was the one animal that everyone was allowed to pet, at the end of the performance.

Henry travels with her animal show to schools and libraries around the state.

“We’re doing a lot of programs (this spring break),” Henry said. “A couple of libraries, rec center programs…Our passion is school programs and libraries.”

Parent Joanna Pennington, who brought her two children, said of the event, “That was awesome!”

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