Industrial technology

A student in a welding class of the Central Texas College Industrial Technology program works on a project in an individual lab space in the school’s Career and Technical Education Center.

Central Texas College announced its industrial technology program will offer classes with a hands-on component during the summer II semester. The semester opens July 6 and includes industrial technology classes in the areas of craftsman trades, diesel, HVAC, graphics and printing and welding. Classes will start online and then move to in-person lab for hands-on learning activities and performance exams.

“The class delivery will be a ‘flipped’ format with the first part of the class offered online and the remainder moving to in-person lab work,” said Ronnie Turner, chairperson of CTC industrial technology. “Once students complete 40% of their online tasks, they can then proceed to lab work on campus. Each program of study will allow only five students at a time in their particular lab area in accordance with safety and social distancing practices.”

To conduct lab activities, students must sign up for one of the five slots available in three-hour blocks each day. Each lab space will feature a sanitation station and instructors in each area of study will oversee hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette and proper cleaning of work stations and tools after each use. Students will also be required to wear a mask or face covering during those times they must interact with the instructor.

Lab times for the Craftsman trades and diesel are from noon to 7 p.m. each day. Activities for Craftsman trades include basic shop skills, electrical wiring, plumbing, interior and exterior painting and refinishing, welding and carpentry of roofing, flooring, walls, doors, windows and cabinets. Lab work for students in the diesel program includes shop operations, tools and equipment, engine fundamentals, electrical and electronic systems, mechanical and electronical fuel systems, auxiliary systems, automatic and standard power trains, hydraulics, engine rebuild, cylinder head service, diagnostics and tune up, air and ABS brake systems, steering and suspension and A/C systems.

Graphic and printing student lab hours will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Students will practice shop skills, layout, design, composition, desktop publishing for Windows and Mac, Adobe software, camera work, press operation, bindery and preventive maintenance.

Welding lab activities include the proper use of tools and equipment, machine set up and operation, gas welding and cutting, plasma cutting, shielded metal arc welding, electrode identification and use, MIG welding, TIG welding, pipe welding, blueprint reading, weld testing and weld fabrication. The lab will be available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The HVAC program will conduct its lab from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and include shop tool usage, gas and electrical heating, A/C central principles, residential and commercial air conditioning, system design, commercial refrigeration, heat pumps and troubleshooting. The lab also includes refrigerant transition, recovery type I, II, and III and universal certification tests.

“We are not offering any automotive courses this summer” Turner said. “We will offer the automotive mechanic/technician associate degree classes and the automotive technician, automotive system specialist and basic automotive technician certificate classes in the fall complete with lab work. Automotive students can register now for fall semester classes on WebAdvisor.”

CTC industrial technology courses continue to be offered in a self-paced format which allows students to start a class as soon as they have met the requirements to enter the program.

“Students will follow the course module book to complete the online portion of their coursework without having to be online during a designated time,” Turner said. “This will help a students work around their work and family schedules. That flexibility plus the fact our tuition rates for vocational career classes are the lowest in the area can benefit those looking to get out in the workforce in a timely manner in a cost-effective manner.”

Returning students in the other Industrial Technology programs can register now for any of the available courses offered for summer II and the fall semester by contacting their instructor or the department assistant at either 254-526-1399 or 526-1235. Prospective students should contact the Career and Technical Education Center counselor via email at .


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