Much of Central Texas is currently suffering from some level of drought conditions, with more than half of Bell County listed as being under severe drought conditions. Also, even though it is the beginning of December, high temperatures frequently remain between the low 70s and high 60s

However, despite all of this, Texas is right in line with annual averages for the state.

“We are actually sitting at right around normal for this time of year,” said Monique Sellers, meteorologist with the National Weather Service station in Dallas/Fort Worth. “Normal high temperatures for this time of year are around the 70s and lows are around 50.”

Much of Bell County is also under severe drought conditions, despite the area being on track to hit the average annual rainfall amount. Sellers said this was mostly due to way rain patterns hit the area throughout the year.

“The annual precipitation amount averages out to about 33 inches per year, and we are getting close to 32 inches right now,” Sellers said. “However, Bell County is currently under drought conditions because we had an early and wet winter-spring and a lot of rainfall bunched up at the beginning of the year. Normally we also see a peak of rainfall in early November, and we didn’t really see that this year.”

The temperatures today will start off warm, with the high temperature reaching 61 degrees. The low temperatures will drop down to 36 degrees tonight.

On Monday the high temperature will climb sharply, reaching 61 degrees. During the evening the temperature will drop to 40 degrees.

The high temperature is expected to hit 72 degrees Tuesday while the low temperature could drop to 43 degrees.

On Wednesday the high temperature could drop back down to 68 degrees while the low temperature could hit 49 degrees.

A 20% chance of rain and thunderstorms will move through the area during the day Thursday. The high temperature will only reach 74 degrees on Thursday. The low temperature will drop all the way to 49 degrees.

The high temperature will rise to 66 degrees Friday. The low temperatures is only expected to reach 43 degrees.

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