Texas Capitol

The Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 1613 on Thursday. The bill would make more cities eligible to receive reimbursement for lost property tax revenue due to the 100% disabled veterans tax exemption.

With a new funding mechanism in place, House Bill 1613 in the 88th Texas Legislative Session is on its way to the Senate after having passed the House on Thursday. Rep. Hugh Shine, R-Temple, who authored the bill, said he is excited as it heads across the hall of the state Capitol.

“I’m absolutely delighted that we finally are getting this resolved,” Shine said in a phone interview with the Herald Thursday while he was on the House floor.

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Excellent question Noe. Your city manager told the House Ways and Means committee he must shift 11-cents of extra tax rate to taxpayers to help cover the unreimbursed exemption and maintain services for all. I'm asking same question in Harker Heights where my city implausibly keeps saying it has not put extra taxes on taxpayers. Yeah...right. It's about 13-cents of extra taxes. YES, we should expect and demand property tax relief.

Noe Rodriguez

That is very helpful to the city of Killeen and surrounding cities. Now with this income or funds that replace those tax exemptions. Will it help lower our property taxes, for those of us that do not fall under the 100% examption? And for regular non military property owners?

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