After having gone to Austin nearly daily in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade a month ago, one local woman organized a rally of her own. What she described as "only the beginning" drew a crowd of nearly four dozen to the steps and lawn of Killeen City Hall on Saturday.

“I don’t think enough people, and in small areas of Texas, are talking about how this affects us directly in the small areas,” said Zoe Bennett, who organized the protest.



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This protest was amazing!! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported everything that was happening. The turn out was great and the candidates that came out to support were amazing!! This was an awesome awesome event!!


Abortion is NOT health care. It is the murder of a baby. How decadent this country has become when people are protesting for the right to murder a baby. You are truly moral invalids


Have you heard the story of the woman in Houston his water broke at 17 weeks? If abortion is in healthcare then you believe that women who have complications should be forced to give birth to dead fetuses…. You believe victims of rape and incest should be forced to carry that fetus to term… That’s very disgusting maybe you should check your own morals before trying to comment on somebody else’s.



Events like this need to happen as often as possible to show our politicians the real face of this city, county and state.


So I see, by allowing them to hang banners from City property, the City of Killeen government is endorsing this group and its activities. Showing favoritism to specific groups while denying others is against the law. Even in Killeen!


We put in an application to have a peaceful rally at city hall. If another group wants to do this they need to take the same steps we did. There is no favoritism. We just excersied our first amendment right "freedom of assembly."


Normally I would have gone to one of these for womens rights.

But to be honest, the same group advocates people need to wear mask and get a shot.

This whole group of of democrats are sending the wrong message and what is worst they have set women back. It is a slap in the face to my great grandmother, my mother and all the females who have fought so hard.

Walk away from this group, run if you have to.

Can’t vote for a bell county democrat or any democrat after seeing these political stunts being pulled with Killeen Tx city hall as the back drop. Just shamful


Please do not comment hateful things like this when you do not know the vaccination status of anyone involved. We were in a large outside space with wind blowing. We all decided to take the risk to gather because this is such an important event. We brought water and snacks to help ensure that those who came did not overheat or incase someone's blood sugar dropped We were prepared. We care for the citizens in this county and the surrounding counties. This was no stunt but a show of solidarity that we do not agree with the laws put in place by Gregg Abbott. We need change and we need it now. If your great grandmother showed up to the rally we would have cared for her like she was our own. Please be more kind in the future and know the facts before speaking on someone else's life. Have a great day.

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