dead birds

Animal Services Division staff, left, retrieve deceased grackles from the Harker Heights Walmart parking lot Monday afternoon.

HARKER HEIGHTS — The Animal Services Division of the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center spent a better part of the day Monday retrieving deceased grackles from the parking lot of the Super Walmart on Commercial Drive.

As of Tuesday, fifty-two birds were collected with several of them under trees that are spread across the eastern side of the lot.

A majority of the birds were found in the parking lot with a few picked up on nearby Heights Drive and Mohican Trail, according to a spokesperson at the Pet Adoption Center.

Pet Adoption Center Manager Shiloh Wester spoke with a game warden about the deaths, and Wester was told: “Unfortunately, grackles are not a federally protected bird and there is nothing to test them for.”

Wester told the Herald in an email: “There is no protocol per the game warden and we are unable to determine the cause of death.”

Grackles often flock in Texas parking lots during winter months, and are regarded as nuisance by many state residents.

The Herald also asked the city if the birds could have possibly been poisoned.

“The City does not have anything concerning the use of poisons in our ordinances,” said Harker Heights Assistant City Manager Jerry Bark.

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Since Grackles are not a "protected" species, there is no cause, protocol or reason to test them to help determine how and why they died? This is a ridiculous statement in my opinion. I have to guarantee everyone that some of these birds have been taken to be tested in labs - just without our knowledge. With the virally airborne pandemics flying around, the public deserves to know what is going on with these birds and whether or not it may pose a threat to the public. Maybe someone did poison them. Will this poison run off into our water ways, yards and so on? Perhaps it was the result of the sporadic spraying of, what appears to be ChemTrails, I have observed in the skies of our city in the past 2 weeks. To completely ignore this incident is what low budget Sci-Fi movies are made of. And of course we all know what happens to the people and visitors in those towns. Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but this COVID situation can make you think like one. Send the birds to a lab, test them and let the public know what happened. Be honest about it.


Oh how terrible. The only thing I can think of worse than that would be finding dead fire ants.

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