Morgan Doremus

Ellison High School student Morgan Doremus, 15, was struck by a vehicle while crossing Trimmier Road on Aug. 24.

After months in the hospital and physical therapy, 15-year-old Morgan Doremus, an Ellison High School student who was hit by a car last year, is finally heading home today.

“It’s a tremendous relief to be bringing her home tomorrow,” Morgan’s mother, Laura Doremus, said Wednesday. “In many ways, it’s more exciting than the first day I brought her home as a newborn because I know how close I was to losing her.”

Morgan was in the hospital following a severe head injury she suffered Aug. 24 when she was struck by a vehicle while returning to Ellison after lunch. One of the most serious problems Morgan has experienced during her recovery has been swelling in her brain as a result of her head trauma. Early on during her treatment, Morgan’s doctors decided she would need to have a piece of her skull removed and replaced with a prosthesis in order to relieve the swelling. Her mother said she is recovering quickly.

“She’s made amazing progress and I’m so proud of how hard she’s worked every day,” Laura Doremus said. “She’s started speaking more words and phrases, using her right leg more and (is) able to help with some of her daily care because of the diligent help of all of her speech, occupational and physical therapists, clinical assistants, nurses, and doctors at Dell Children’s (Hospital Rehab Unit in Austin).”

The mother said her daughter will continue to undergo physical, occupational and speech therapy in Killeen once she is home, and doctors have told her Morgan will be able to return to school at Ellison in the near future.

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