Fall Bazaar

Vendors and customers walk around the Copperas Cove Civic Center for a fall bazaar on Saturday.

COPPERAS COVE — Handmade crafts and other items were available for purchase at the Fall Bazaar at the Copperas Cove Civic Center on Saturday.

JLYONS is a nonprofit that raises money for different causes, this event raised money for the Lupus Foundation, according to Jasmin Lyons, the organizer of the event.

Around 30 vendors and over 200 customers gathered at the civic center to sell or buy different products, and about $1,000 was raised for the Lupus Foundation, according to Lyons.

“It was a great turnout; we had a lot more vendors than I expected and a lot of customers so for the weather not to be too happy this morning it was definitely a great turnout,” Lyons said.

Lyons also talked about why she had a Fall Bazaar.

“My dad ... he’s a collector and I believe that he likes seeing handcrafted stuff in our house,” Lyons said. “We have so much handcrafted stuff and we’re really big into buying homemade items instead of something that’s printed or something that’s made in a factory, so I believe he just wanted to do something to bring different people together from the area.”

One of the vendors of the event was Lisa Johnston from Stephenville and she sells hand-painted ornaments and decor.

Johnston talked about why she chose to go to the event.

“One, because it was for a charity versus just somebody to make money and I hadn’t been here before and I like to sometimes go somewhere different,” Johnston said.

Johnston said she enjoyed the event and was able to sell a few products.

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