Paris Hunter

Paris Hunter

The family of a man they say was shot by a Killeen police officer during a traffic stop Tuesday has spoken out on his condition and their side of the events that took place.

Jessica Hunter said her husband, Paris Hunter, 29, was hit by an officer’s bullet and was suffering from very life-threatening injuries. “His heart was pierced, his lungs, his diaphragm and an artery, so he lost a lot of blood. He went to major surgery for about five hours and when he came out he was in a medically induced coma,” Jessica Hunter said.

The police news release Wednesday said an officer’s gun discharged during a traffic stop and that a man was injured. Police did not specify whether the man was shot, only that he was injured. The Texas Rangers are investigating the case, but declined to provide that information.

In the Wednesday news release, police said a motorist was stopped by an officer with the Killeen Police Department around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday night near Veterans Memorial Boulevard and Conder Street.

During the stop, the officer noticed two occupants in the vehicle and suspected narcotics, according to the release.

Police said the driver repeatedly failed to comply with officer commands to show his hands, and the officer requested immediate assistance, according to the news release.

As the situation progressed, the driver appeared to try to exit the vehicle, opening the door into the officer, who pushed the door closed, according to the release.

“As the situation continued to develop, the officer discharged his weapon,” the release said.

Jessica Hunter and Paris Hunter’s mother Vera Hunter were not at the incident but relayed what they said Paris Hunter told them after he woke up from the medically induced coma.

Jessica Hunter said Paris Hunter was pulled over because the officer could not see the temporary registration on the back of his vehicle. She said the officer probably could see it but one side of the registration was loose.

The officer asked for the license and registration and Paris Hunter gave it to them and said, “what you pulling me over for?” The officer told him it was because of his registration and he said, “that’s bull---- because you can see my tags like it’s not expired or anything,” according to Jessica. The police said to put his hands on the steering wheel and he said, “for what? It’s just a routine traffic stop. What do I need to put my hands on the steering wheel for?”

The officer unbuckled his belt and Paris Hunter asked what he was doing all that for. The officer pulled his gun and told Paris Hunter to put his hands on the steering wheel and Jessica Hunter said her husband said it was ridiculous and wondered why the cop was doing all that. But he put his hands on the steering wheel and the officer just shot him, according to Jessica Hunter.

Jessica Hunter said her husband never tried to get out of the car like the news release from the police described.

Vera Hunter said she doesn’t know what a car looks like with narcotics in it. The police have not talked to her but she has talked to her son.

“I don’t know what they want from us as black people, as human beings, to get shot from behind. Now, if I’m fighting you, and you can’t resist, I’ve got a weapon in my hand or something I understand that,” Vera Hunter said. “I’ve got five sons and I teach my boys, look you’re already black, No. 1. If the police stop you, put your hands up. They can’t tell me Paris resisted.”

Vera Hunter believes that her son was done wrong.

“I am taking action, the fullest action against the Killeen Police Department because they didn’t just hurt a black boy, they shot my son, they broke his collar bone, the bullet went through his heart and through his lungs; he’s laid up in a hospital room right now suffering,” she said.

Vera and Jessica Hunter spoke highly of Paris as a person.

“Everybody’s got their backgrounds, I have one and so do you, but Paris is not a bad person and I can get 1,000 people to tell you the same thing,” Vera said. “Paris is a good human being and I’m not just saying that because that’s my son, that’s who he is.”

Jessica and Paris Hunter have four children and she is pregnant with a fifth.

“He’s a very good person,” Jessica Hunter said. “I don’t see why they would have expected narcotics, I mean he has a prior history of getting in trouble but it’s been a long time since he’s done anything, like he’s not on that path anymore.”

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I’ve known Paris all my life and he isn’t a bad person. All the black men being shot and killed by officers lately I know he isn’t dumb enough to resist. And resist for what? There wasn’t any weapons or drugs found in the car.

You say he is such a violent person well he sure was riding clean.

The body cam will definitely show the proof.

Why is it that no black officers are having this type of problem?


Well in the 23 or so years iv known Paris, iv never seen violence. I do know he protects those he cares about like he has done for me but he never got physical with people. So personally i can attest to him being a good person who definitely doesnt not deserve the negativity.. known his family for just as long and they do not deserve it either.


You cant slander a person when you are speaking the truth of your own experiences with paris. Paris is not a good person and since his mom can get those 1000 people to tell you hes a good person then wheres the 1000 comments


Please tell me what son you are referring to oh right you can’t because this has never happened before I’m sure you are a racism white male !! Hiding your identity but ok ignorant people will also try to discredit a black man character period. You don’t know anything and you definitely don’t know him the only time he would get violent is if someone harmed his family or they were a treat to his life don’t speak on something you where not present for thank you I will pray for your Evil soul. Paris has never hurt anyone period


I have known Paris since we where little kids. I know hes had a past but i cant see him being violent or disorderly with a cop. We were not there to know everything and at this time for the sake of his family i really hope people just stop and reflect on the fact that he has children and a wife and mother.. imagine how his children are feeling before we assume and slander a person or their family. Well wishes to Paris and family in these trying times!


You could never get 1000 people to tell you paris is a good man. From my experiences. what I think he probably got shot because he is a very violent person (which ive seen his violence)and the officer was in fear for his life. This isnt the first time vera has had a son shot by the cops it just shows you how she raises her kids.

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