Soldiers from the 5th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade, at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Conduct accountability, and load buses to prepare to deploy to CENTCOM.

Fort Hood has deployed around 475 soldiers from five units to assist in the Afghan evacuee mission.

The soldiers deployed to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, and Fort Bliss.

While at those locations, soldiers will provide housing, medical, logistics, and transportation support for specified Afghan Special Immigration Visa applicants and their families, Fort Hood officials said in a news release.

Soldiers, more than 1,000 in all, are also coming from Fort Bliss; Fort Carson, Colorado; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri; and Fort Riley, Kansas.

“When our Nation calls, III Corps and Fort Hood answer with action; our troops remain ready to respond to any mission,” said Col. Myles Caggins, III Corps and Fort Hood spokesperson. “The III Corps engineers, military police, medics, and logistics soldiers — men and women — deploying to these temporary housing sites will enable the Department of State to safely and securely process the Afghan evacuees.”

Caggins added that Operation Allies Refuge is a challenge the soldiers are trained for.

“Helping U.S. citizens, vulnerable Afghans and other evacuees is another example of the vast capability and talent of our III Corps and Fort Hood Soldiers,” Caggins said.


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12 troops died yesterday. Biden is sending our troops to be murdered.

That’s not political baiting, it’s the truth.

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