Harris calls for impact fees, southern corridor development

While impact fees can been seen as a deterrent to foster new economic development, Killeen City Council member Steve Harris does not believe this will be the case.

“That would be a perfect thing for us to use,” Harris said by phone on Sunday, adding that he believes such fees will help take the financial burden off Killeen residents.

According to Investopedia, an online real estate investing guide, impact fees are imposed on property developers by municipalities for new infrastructure that must be built or increased due to new property development. These fees are designed to offset the impact of additional development and residents on the municipality’s infrastructure and services, which include the city’s water and sewer network, police and fire protection services, schools, and libraries.

In addition to impact fees, increased commercial and industrial development in Killeen’s southern corridor is another topic Harris has called for to be discussed at Tuesday’s council workshop.

Harris cites Killeen City Manager Kent Cagle on this issue, specifically how Cagle has said how if such fees had been in place in the past, more funding would have been available for new water lines, repairs and related expenses, which is what Harris wants such fees to go towards in the future. He also wants Cagle to reiterate the point he has made about how such fees are believed to have little to zero impact on whether or not new businesses decide to relocate to Killeen to set up shop.

Under Harris’s proposed plan, developers would pay an up front fee when starting and/or building a new business inside city limits. There would also be a grace period, or time for businesses to come into the city to set up shop before the fees to take effect.

“Anyone who comes in before the effective date would not have to pay them,” Harris said, adding that such a date could be as much as a year off.

Harris also reiterated his earlier point about a bottling company which set up shop in Temple, due to it’s inability to easily find enough land to do so in Killeen, with respect to development in Killeen’s southern corridor.

“I think the southern corridor needs to be looked at more for large commercial development,” Harris said.

Harris also said if you can get businesses to relocate to this area before residential homes are built near or around them, property taxes on those lands will be more stable, and this will be better for homeowners who would otherwise run the risk of having to pay higher taxes at some point.

He also mentioned that it was council member, and Killeen Economic Development Corporation Chair, Jim Kilpatrick who has given the go ahead for such an initiative, saying that all the council had to do was give direction.

“That’s where we’re going,” Harris said.

Tuesday’s workshop meeting will be at 5 p.m. inside the council chambers in City Hall, 101 N. College Street in Killeen.

The council will also discuss other agenda items for the Oct. 13 council meeting, including potential approval of the Killeen Arts Commission grants to seven applicants in the total amount of $85,000.

For those unable to attend the meeting in person, it will be web streamed live and archived for playback on the City’s web site, KilleenTexas.gov. It will also be broadcast live on Spectrum Cable Channel 10.

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@Nonofyourbiz: Well said, but the premise of your argument is that: 'As a Libertarian, you believe in the Constitution 100% but yet you do not believe in 'taxation as a way of representation', or you believe that this, our form of Government, as a Republic is non functional. Now is that a fair representation of what you believe, as a Libertarian, to be a true and accurate picture of what a Libertarian to be.


Libertarian-ism - Definition of: Extract

Political Philosophy

Libertarian-ism is a political philosophy and movement that upholds liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing individualism, freedom of choice and voluntary association. Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power, but they diverge on the scope of their opposition to existing economic and political systems. Various schools of libertarian thought offer a range of views regarding the legitimate functions of state and private power, often calling for the restriction or dissolution of coercive social institutions. Different categorizations have been used to distinguish various forms of libertarian-ism. This is done to distinguish libertarian views on the nature of property and capital, usually along left–right or socialist–capitalist lines. End of copy.

So what form of Government do you envision? If you believe in our Constitution, where do you suppose are we to get for instance 'money for the National Defense, the core practices such as 'Welfare for the homeless/helpless, the development of national education, etc? In a Libertarian form of Government, 'there would not be funds for such services as there would not be any any form of Government as the political philosophy maximizes 'political freedom, autonomy, individualism, freedom of choice, voluntary association with skepticism of authority and state power. So where does uniformity of Libertarian-ism' fall into play as with Liberalism, there is a departure along either Socialistic or capitalistic forms of governance. You either have to drop the true form of Libertinism and choose, 'do you want to carry the label Socialism or you have to carry the label capitalism for the true form of Libertinism cannot exist as 'it will be trampled on'.

Now as to the original statement, Copy: 'Taxation is theft when it only benefits one Class of people.

Taxation is theft when you tax people and than excluded them or deny someone their Constitutional rights, because their religion is not the same as yours, their skin color is not the same, their sexual choice, and so on.' End of copy.

I did not read any descriptor as to 'color of an individual' as the copy in the newspaper simply said, 'Harris calls for impact fees, southern corridor development'. So where is the color designation as being foremost as to being a part of that opening statement? Where does 'taxation' follow as being a part of that argument? Where is 'Religion' even mentioned as being relative to this article? I believe you 'read something into this article which was not a part of this article and you read it as being particular to your beliefs when it was not there.

So, you, as a Libertarian, see the Constitution as something you believe in but it cannot be held in such light as you do not see a strong military, a taxation methodology, a way of doing business but in a capitalistic or socialistic mythology, but you condemn each as a way of life. So I think 'Your Socialism is coming out again'.


'He's an old man that remembers what it used to be to be an 'American'

Whoops, I just remembered I had the city fee's crossed up with Impact Fee's. Sorry for that Councilman Harris, my apologies.

Now that we have covered that, Yes I agree that it is high time to make the developer pay for what is his rightful charge for the development and construction cost for new homes to be put on the market for sale and for the purpose of 'making a profit'. So I am in complete agreement with the total of costs that are associated with the building of new homes being put on the source themselves, the home builder as they are his. So I will say that once again, councilman Harris is correct in that 'The burden of such a venture is not one that should be borne by the existing citizen, but should be borne by the developer as a one time impact fee for it is his burden as a developer to see that all costs are carried by the developer themselves up to the time that title, such as it is, is transferred.

So now to the task of disagreeing with 'Noneofyourbiz'. I believe you are correct in what you say up until you start saying, Copy: 'Taxation is theft when it only benefits one Class of people.

Taxation is theft when you tax people and than excluded them or deny someone their Constitutional rights, because their religion is not the same as yours, their skin color is not the same, their sexual choice, and so on.' End of copy.

Why do you want to go to this extent of trying to develop the case of skin color, or religion, when it has nothing to do with the case before us and that is 'Impact Fee's'? Impact fee's are only the case of trying to exclude the construction cost of one set of people and that is as is the case, the developer who is rightfully charged for all of the development costs as to the construction of a home or homes as the case may be so as not to impact the existing home owner. This, in my opinion, is a completely justified condition and it is not based on the color of the individuals skin or does not have any significant impact on the homeowners religious beliefs. In this I do have cause to differ with you because the 'color of one's skin or the difference in their religious beliefs is of no matter whatsoever. Your Socialism is coming out again.

But I standby my convictions of there is wanton waste of taxpayers hard earned money in the use of Water Bond money that is forced on the citizen, the FEE's that are forced on citizen's and the misuse of Water Bond money that is being misconstrued as being for one thing and is being used for a completely different venue, such as the construction cost for a waste water transmission pipeline. This should not be lumped under a project by the name of 'Elevated Water Storage Tank' when it is clearly a waste transmission project. This I blame on as culprits that being the management of the water and sewer collective, and I say, collective as I am not sure who is 'calling the shots as to who is in charge'.


Fact I am a libertarian,

We do not believe in TAXES, nor do we believe in government hand outs.

We believe in small government, you may want to look up the Socialism.

Is a non-christian is refused the right to say opening prayer at city hall, than why should they pay taxes into a system that don't want them, when they only want our money.

Why should the LGBTQ community pay taxes when you base laws on your religion and refuse to allow them the same rights.

Why should anyone pay taxes into a system that has allowed people to be excluded.

I really don't think you understand what Libertarian is, or are you just listening to what people tell you.

Take a chance and look up the Libertarain platform and our NAP.

We are not the green party and we are not Leftist. We believe in our consitution 100%, We believe in our country and the right to be individuals. We Believe people have the right to free from religion if they chose and no law should be passed on someone religiouse beliefs.

Taxation is theft.

Tell your lies about our party to someone that don't know the truth.


Want to know the truth about what a Libertarian is, check out our party platform.

Stop listening to others and actually find the truth for yourself. https://www.lp.org/platform/


Councilman Harris is correct on this. I spent way to much time researching this and looking at other cities that use impact fees, and all of them have had a great outcome with them.

Forcing others to pay higher taxes so a devolper can make money is bad capitalism.

Good capitalism does not cost someone else financial lost or higher taxes.

Good Capitalism does not bail out failed corporation on tax payer dollars, causing higher tax for the citizens.

Taxation is theft when it is mismanged and is putting homeowners on the streets.

Taxation is theft when it only benifits one Class of people.

Taxation is theft when you tax people and than excluded them or deny someone thier Consitutional rights, because thier religion is not the same as yours, thier skin color is not the same, thier sexual choice, and so on.

Stop forcing the tax payers to pay for others wants and start putting tax payer money into our much needed areas, like streets, sidewalks that go all the way to the park, stops signs, cross walks and lights, and so on.

Tax payer dollars should be used wisly and not handed out to every non profit org and program, so you can get votes.

Money don't grow on trees and every time the country prints money, it cause us to pay more!

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