A Harker Heights Police Department officer is accused of police brutality after a recent arrest.

On New Year’s Eve, according to posts on various Facebook pages, a woman identified as Leah was asleep in the passenger seat of a friend’s car. A Heights police officer allegedly removed her from the car by force, accusing her of driving under the influence.

The officer allegedly beat Leah, leaving her with bruises and other injuries, according to a Facebook post.

Leah does not have a driver’s license, nor does she know how the drive, the post reads.

A separate Facebook post by attorney Lee Merritt added more detail. Leah was supposedly in the car outside a local emergency room after her boyfriend’s eye was injured at a New Year’s Eve party in Killeen. Leah had been drinking, and had fallen asleep in the car.

The Heights officer allegedly roughly dragged Leah from the car. She was taken to jail, and “further physically assaulted,” Merritt’s Facebook post reads.

Leah was eventually charged with public intoxication, according to Merritt.

On the Killeen Police Department Facebook page, a statement was posted late Friday: “The Killeen Police Department and Harker Heights Police Department are aware of the allegation surrounding the arrest of a woman named Leah referenced in social media posts. The situation is currently being investigated. The facts surrounding the arrest are under review.”

Inquiries to KPD were directed to the Harker Heights Police Department by Ofelia Miramontez, KPD spokeswoman.

The Harker Heights Police Department Facebook page said: “The Harker Heights Police Department is aware of the incident that has been referenced by some in social media. It was reported to the Department by the complainant and it is currently under review, which takes some time to complete. Remember that not all information posted in social media is accurate and caution is encouraged for that reason.”

Harker Heights police were not able to be reached for comment Saturday.

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Interesting, but dubious....


I've read a bit more about this than being reported here. This "victim's" boy friend is married. His wife found them and got into a fight with both of them - thus the injuries. She also went to the HHPD and made a statement. Nothing to see here - just more BLM garbage wanting to incite a riot.

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