Scam alert

The Harker Heights Police Department warned of a new phone scam just before the holidays Friday.

The Harker Heights Police Department is warning the public of scammers posing as HHPD law enforcement on the phone, according to a HHPD news release Friday.

“On November 18, 2021, a local business received a call from someone, and the phone caller ID made it seem it was from the Harker Heights Police Department,” the release said. “Once the business answered, the caller identified themselves as a police officer conducting an investigation and directed the manager of the business to place all the store money in a bag.”

Additionally, police said the caller instructed the manager to have the bag driven to a remote location.

“Please be advised that the Harker Heights Police Department will never solicit anyone or businesses for money,” HHPD said Friday.

“If anyone in the community experiences this type of scam, has had a similar encounter, or has knowledge of any activity of this nature, we are urging you to please contact the Harker Heights Police Department at 254-953-5440,” the release said. | 254-501-7567

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If this happens to you to you call the police and set up a sting then you can catch the person who made the call,makes sense to me. That’s what they would do on TV!


Did this buisness pay (hope not)


Common sense what happened to people they need to get there heads out of their phones

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