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A log still smolders in the aftermath of the Dana Peak Park blaze in Harker Heights.

The Dana Peak Park wildfire is currently 100% “contained,” and Harker Heights fire officials are expecting it to be deemed 100% “controlled” by Friday afternoon, Harker Heights Deputy Fire Chief Cindy Hicks said via email Wednesday.

Hicks said the Texas A&M University Forest Service is expected to deem the more than 70-acre fire 100% controlled Friday, if not sooner if there is more rain.

“The rain was very helpful, and we are hoping for more,” Hicks said after nearly an inch of rain fell in the area Tuesday evening.

In spite of the rain, however, some areas of the burned area are still “smoldering,” Hicks said Wednesday.

“There are still some smoldering of small piles, which are in completely safe areas,” Hicks said. “This is a normal occurrence with a fire this large.”

On Tuesday, the Forest Service finished with the dozing and clean up of hot spots and piles. The Harker Heights Fire Department will continually monitor the area every day throughout the week, Hicks said.

The Harker Heights Fire Department was notified of a grass fire in the Comanche Gap Road area, near the entrance to Dana Peak Park, at about 11:49 a.m. Sunday.

About 66.5 acres of the burned area were from the original fire located south of Comanche Road, while the additional five acres are the result of a “spot fire,” where the blaze jumped the asphalt and started burning north of the roadway.

City officials told the Herald Tuesday that the fire had burned a total of around 72 acres.

No damage to structures and no injuries have been reported.

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