It’s been almost two months since the topic of impact fees came up among members of the Killeen City Council.

During Tuesday’s workshop, council members were presented with a timeline of what is next before they make a final vote in October on the one-time fees billed to developers to recover infrastructure costs associated with a new development.

Nothing was discussed among council members after Deputy City Attorney Holli Clements gave the presentation.

The council will vote next week to set the first public hearing on the impact fees study.

Clements said to the council the date for the hearing is slated for Aug. 27.

The study — which wasn’t presented during the workshop — will highlight projections with population and employment rates along with how the fees may be “consistent with Killeen’s Future Land Use Plan.”

It’s expected to be released to the public through the city’s website on July 12.

Hilary Shine, the city’s executive director of communications, previously told the Herald talks of impact fees began in 2010.

According to the city, impact fees could recover more than $40 million for future road, water and sewer projects.

The City Council approved the implementation of the fees in August 2016 as the city looked for new sources of revenue to help pay for new road and water-sewer infrastructure. The fees cannot be used for maintenance of existing infrastructure, according to state law.

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Kilpatrick took Mayor Jose Segarra’s place on the dais Tuesday night.

Segarra was in Hawaii for the United States Conference of Mayors’ 87th annual meeting.

District 2 Councilwoman Debbie Nash-King was also not in attendance Tuesday.

Kilpatrick said her absence was excused.



July 12: Advertise for first public hearing and post Land Use Assumptions and Impact Fee Capital Improvements Plan on city website

August 20: Committee submits written comments to city council

August 27: Public hearing and council action on Land Use Assumptions and Impact Fee Capital Improvements Plan; set date for second public hearing to discuss adoption of the impact fee

August 30: Advertise for second public hearing and post Impact Fee Study on city website

October 1: Committee submits written comments on the study to city council

October 8: Public Hearing and council action on Impact Fee Study

October 22: Final vote on impact fee ordinance

Source: City of Killeen | 254-501-7567

Monique Brand - Killeen Daily Herald

City Hall Reporter

Monique 'Mo' Brand joined the Herald in May 2019. Before that, she covered border coverage and county government in Arizona. She also worked as a reporter in Kerrville, Los Angeles, and Norfolk Virginia. The U.S. Navy veteran grew up in Killeen.

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