Heights rollover

A tow truck loads a vehicle from a ditch near the intersection of Modoc Drive and West Central Texas Expressway in Harker Heights around 6:45 p.m. Thursday night. The vehicle rolled over and the driver was injured, police said.

HARKER HEIGHTS — A two-vehicle accident near the Harker Heights Walmart resulted in one person being taken to Seton Medical Center.

Around 6 p.m. Thursday a vehicle was attempting to make a right turn from Modoc Drive onto the I-14 frontage road when it was hit by another car.

The car attempting the turn rolled over into the ditch near the intersection, a Harker Heights police officer on scene said.

The driver of the vehicle that rolled over was injured and taken to Seton Medical Center.

The status of the driver was unknown at press time.

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I just realized where this was. I know the answer, now, to my original question. People on that access road drive like they're in the Daytona 500. I routinely see traffic, on the access road, outrunning traffic that's on the highway. The lady who was hit probably misjudged the closure rate of the oncoming traffic because they were more than likely speeding way faster than the 45mph allowed!!!


Has there been a sudden increase in the number of accidents or are we just hearing about them more than we used to? Sure seems like people are having an awful lot of major wrecks all of a sudden.

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