Ralph “Ralphy” Sebexen

Ralph “Ralphy” Sebexen, who spent years honing his skills in martial arts arenas, died at a local hospital after being shot by a Killeen police officer in April 2022. Killeen city and police officials are refusing to release video of the shooting.

Killeen police fatally shot a man in a Mickey’s parking lot after he caused a disturbance and an “altercation” ensued. But 11 months later, and with the investigation complete and no charges filed, city officials are still fighting to not release video evidence and a full account of what actually happened.

Ralph “Ralphy” Sebexen, a martial arts teacher, was 27 years old on April 5, 2022, when he was shot by KPD Officer Devin Hill. Killeen police previously described the incident as an “altercation” at a convenience store on Fort Hood Street.



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Considering the entire purpose of the police force is to serve the citizens of Killeen and are completely funded by the tax payers, they sure seem to want to keep a lot of secrets.

Exactly how long are those camera videos kept? What do you want to bet they'll be approved for release AFTER their date of erasure!

Concerned about killeen

It’s clear they don’t want the truth out and the district attorney seems to side with them.


No charges filed against Sebexen and KPD's steadfast refusal to release the video makes it pretty obvious they are hiding damaging information. Let's hope the DA orders them to release it. It may take the family filing a lawsuit to force it's release. Come on KPD, prove to us that we can trust you!!


Also teachers, assistants, volunteers, drivers, cooks, nurses need body cameras especially those who work with special education students; Discrimination and verbal and physical abuse is horrible in Killeen Independent School District, when they reject them it is because they are purely evil. Enough of solving the case by distributing the abusive employees and students affected by different schools without consequences of legal justice.

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