Community organizer Jonathan Hildner announced his intention to run for state office Wednesday.

Community organizer Jonathan Hildner has announced his intention to challenge Rep. Brad Buckley, R-Salado, in 2022 for his Texas State House District 54 seat.

Hildner, 27, of Killeen, announced his candidacy on social media platforms Wednesday morning.

“I said from day one that my focus and my passion, what got me into politics and what made me want to run for office, was the city of Killeen and Bell County,” Hildner told the Herald Wednesday. “This is where I’m from. I’ve seen the lack of progress throughout the years from all levels.”

Rep. Buckley, a Killeen veterinarian, has held the state seat since 2018.

“Jonathan is a Texas native and community organizer who believes that the District deserves a leader who really understands the interests of the folks who live here — and one who will fight for a bold future on their behalf,” a campaign news release said Wednesday.

Hildner will file as a Democrat next week, his campaign said, after he ended his congressional bid in October due to “the blatant and extreme gerrymandering carried out by the Texas GOP.”

“This experience catalyzed Jonathan’s push to run for the Texas State House. Jonathan would be the youngest person to serve in the Texas Legislature and is excited for the opportunity to be a millennial leader,” the news release said.

Hildner said it’s time for Bell County to have a representative in Austin who reflects the true diversity of the area.

“I would bring representation and a voice to younger Texans while also understanding the issues that military families and veterans of all ages deal with in a community like this,” he said.

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Glad I don't live in dist 54.

I can't vote for a democrat, never again in my life will I cast a vote for a democrat, or a democrat community organizer.

Facts point out that democrat ran cities, counties and states have poor records.

Democrat ran cities, counties and states pay higher taxes and have a higher rate of proverity, and out of control crime.

Socialism has never worked, name a country where socialism has worked.

The far left has taken hating America to a level that is destroying lives.

The democrats violate election codes and laws, they do not follow the state or country constitution, and only use community originations for thier own personal gain and exploration, while they are exploiting those they say they will help.


"Community organizer" is someone who thinks change can't happen without conflict. Had enough conflict in this country over the past year and I'm sick and tired of it.


This man does not represent "diversity", he represents "AGENDAS". Any person who blames the GOP for curtailing his congressional bid has already proven that he is, an alrealy, bought and paid agent of socialism. Mr. Hildner, I asked you some questions when you first announced your intention to run. You NEVER responded. To me, you are already hiding in the shadows and planning to implement a 'cover-up" and "stay silent" campaign regarding topics you cannot answer honestly and hope to win. Mr. Hildner, stop blaming other people and trying to pass yourself off as a "victim" already. My vote for you is a resounding "NO!" and, I will convince, with proof, all that I can to not vote for you. Your character not one of a true PUBLIC servant. My suggestion, if you want to get in good with socialists, go work on Beto's campaign team.


I second that. I will NOT be voting for a communist democrat.

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