After shooting, Fort Hood checking more IDs at the gates

Fort Hood announced on Feb. 6 that gate guards would be checking more IDs at the gates after an early morning shooting on post by a former soldier.

Ex-Fort Hood soldier enters ‘not-guilty’ plea in armed assault case

An ex-Fort Hood soldier has pleaded not guilty to a federal armed assault charge after officials said he shot three .45-caliber pistol rounds at a soldier last weekend on post.

Ricardo Manuele Davila-DeJesus, 28, was indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday on a felony charge of aggravated assault with intent to do bodily harm.

The allegation stems back to Feb. 6, when police said that Davila-DeJesus became intoxicated and later shot his handgun toward a soldier, according to a four-page affidavit written by an FBI agent who investigated the incident.

If convicted, Davila-DeJesus faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

The incident changed gate procedures for Fort Hood until further notice.

All adults in vehicles must possess Department of Defence-issued ID cards or get a visitor’s pass at Marvin Leath Visitor Welcome Center near Fort Hood’s main gate.


Killeen City Council approves grant funding for renters relief

At a brief 17-minute meeting Tuesday, the Killeen City Council voted, among other items, to approve the city receiving grant funds for COVID-19 relief.

The council voted to approve grant funds from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to participate in the Texas Emergency Rental Assistance program and Texas Eviction Diversion Program.

TERAP helps eligible Texas tenants who are behind on their rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stay in their homes, offering up to six months or rental assistance.

Per program guidelines, this assistance can be used to pay the full contracted rent, which is past due or for future, and consecutive months in advance.

According to the grant award, the TEDP funds are estimated to help 38 households based on an average fair market rent of $933 per month.


KEA president: Nearly 12% of Killeen ISD employees have contracted COVID-19

Nearly 12% of Killeen Independent School District employees have now contracted COVID-19, according to Killeen Educators Association president Rick Beaulé, who spoke via Zoom during the public comment portion of the Killeen school board’s regular meeting Tuesday.

Beaulé is president of the 650-member Killeen Educators Association, a chapter of the Texas State Teachers Association, which is an affiliate of the National Educators Association.

Beaulé praised the board for voting to restore COVID-19 paid leave, and the Killeen Independent School District for action taken to close a classroom to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Still, he said, there is an increased need for safety improvements as the pandemic is expected to drag on well past its one-year anniversary.

Nearly 200 new cases of COVID-19 have occurred in the past two weeks, according to Beaulé’s numbers.


Killeen ISD board hears ‘year-round school’ proposal at meeting

The Killeen Independent School District school board was presented Tuesday evening with a proposal which may lead to nearly “year-round school” for some students.

The proposed “Additional Days School Year” calendar — a Texas Education Agency initiative made possible by the passage of House Bill 3 by the Texas Legislature in 2019 offers additional half-day funding for school districts that opt to lengthen the school year at any of their elementary schools — would add 19 days to the regular school year calendar.

Under the proposed calendar, at a select number of pilot elementary school campuses, teachers and staff would start back to school on July 19 with students’ start date of Aug. 3, an early start of nine days before the rest of the district would start back on the 16th. Students and teachers at those select campuses would have the ability to continue through June 30.

If adopted by the school board, the proposed calendar would not take effect until the 2021-2022 school year. Officials did not name any schools that could be selected for the revised calendar.

No action was taken on the proposed calendar. Board trustee Brett Williams asked for the item to be placed on an upcoming school board agenda for further review.


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