Kempner Mayor Keith Harvey

Kempner Mayor Keith Harvey

In a lengthy Facebook post published Sunday, Kempner Mayor Keith Harvey lashed out at his critics and all three of the city staff members who tendered their resignations last week, going so far as to compare one of them to Lucifer.

The post came after a special council meeting Friday evening during which the city council accepted the resignations of the three staff members in the small town of about 1,100 residents just west of Copperas Cove.

Harvey attacked former City Secretary Stacy Roberts, Assistant City Secretary Jami Whitehead, Municipal Court Judge Gene Isenhour and the Facebook group Citizens of Kempner in his post. Harvey said the three employees were using “scare tactics” and said actions taken by the Citizens of Kempner group, which attends city council meetings and makes posts to Facebook, were “Cowardly” and “sadistic.”

“If you (the former employees) along with the COK gave a damn about Kempner you would understand how to treat people,” Harvey said. “It would do you all good to sit down and shut the up [sic].”

Harvey lambasted Isenhour, a former Kempner mayor, and Roberts and Whitehead.

The post had 243 comments on it by 9 a.m. Monday morning. Most of the comments on the post came from Kempner residents saying the post was “unprofessional” or that the mayor should resign. In response to these comments, Harvey also commented on his post, saying the “attacks” by the citizens were “inappropriate.”

“When someone sits silent it’s a joke on them, when they speak it’s frowned upon. Stop the hate,” Harvey said. “You don’t get to spit on people and lie on them and expect them to sit back quietly for too long.”

Kempner’s next city council meeting will be held Sept. 24.

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I've met Mayor Harvey and he seems like a nice enough guy. I'm not sure what's going on in their city government because I'm not a resident of the city. But I've been around Lampasas county for almost 40 years.

I think both sides need to take a step back and re-evaluate their positions.

The mayor needs to remember for whom he works. It doesn't take a very fast horse to run a one horse race. He needs to remember he was elected because he ran unopposed.

The "aldermen" need to realize the mayor outranks them when it comes to city functions like a council meeting and he can have them removed if, in his opinion, they're being disruptive.

As entertaining as this may be, the citizens of Kempner deserve better from their representatives and will soon tire of the shenanigans.

Getting worse before it gets better is not an option!

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