The Killeen City Council has used almost all of the $29.1 million in federal funding through the American Rescue Plan Act that it received in March.

The American Rescue Plan Act is a national debt-relief fund passed by Congress in March. In total, Killeen received more than $29 million in funds for use on anything COVID-19 related which includes rent relief, salary relief including overtime and community development.

The bill authorizes cities to use its funds to combat the effects of COVID-19, and to aid in recovery efforts. This includes programming to assist with reemployment of lost positions due to municipal downsizing during the height of the pandemic, as well as other, larger projects that would revitalize tourism or otherwise reestablish a city’s infrastructure. Additionally, all funding must be dedicated to specific projects by December 2024, and fully spent by December 2026.

To date, the City Council has largely used the funds to pay for the city’s capital improvement programs, which are large scale, multi-year projects. Approved projects to begin in fiscal year 2022 include several million to the city’s parks, a joint Training and Emergency Operations Center, as well as several other projects.

On Tuesday, the City Council allocated $1.1 million towards the Hill Country transit system, leaving a total of roughly $200,000 unallocated.

The City Council has also pledged set aside approximately $1 million as a “rainy day fund,” thanks to a motion made two weeks ago by Councilwoman Nina Cobb. It is unclear, however, if the “rainy day fund” will be subject to the same time restrictions as the rest of the Coronavirus relief funding.

For now, however, City Council is considering how best to use the remaining $200,000. Decision making has been tense as each council member has attempted to achieve his or her priorities, including a narrow approval to allocate $750,000 towards the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas.

The City Council is encouraging all interested nonprofits and community organizations to reach out by contacting the council members.

jdowling@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7552

jdowling@kdhnews.com | 254-501-7552


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Looks like another way to hide some money and oopsie wr spent it all on a tiny project like " moving the playground from one side to the other" Bunch of corrupt people in this ghetto town.


How about using it to actually do what it was intended for. Provide rent relief, so landlords can get paid.

Kdhnews how about talking about the little but of money that was given to rent relief, it wasn't even a drop in the bucket.

Many landlords could use that rent money to improve living conditions and pay thier bills.

Stop paying off your political promises with tax payer Dollars.

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