WCID Meeting

Ricky Garrett, left, Mitchell Jacobs, Allen Cloud and Rob Robinson discuss business at February's meeting of the board.

The voting boundaries of the Water Control and Improvement District No. 1 board of trustees for the November general election were approved at the Wednesday meeting.

The boundaries will include three districts in Killeen, a district in Copperas Cove, a district in Harker Heights, one in Nolanville and one in Belton. Each district will have one representative so Killeen will have three total representatives on the board while the other cities will have one.

The boundaries are based on census numbers from 2010 because those are the only census numbers available right now. Once the 2020 census numbers become available, the boundaries will be redrawn with those numbers, according to Ricky Garrett, the general manager of the district.

Also at its meeting, the district approved two different construction projects with 3-0 votes. Don Farek and Richard Young were both absent from the meeting. Three of the five members were present so a quorum was established.

The first was a project to remove four of the expansion joints on the elevated gravity sewer line. The line is a sewer main line that has six expansion joints, four on one side and two on the other side. The four joints that will be replaced have had a history of leaking and need to be replaced, according to Garrett. The line runs from the wastewater treatment plant in Killeen to the bridge on W.S. Young Drive in Killeen.

The project will cost the district $289,720 from its operating budget.

The second project that was approved is for $1.96 million to replace two blowers at the wastewater treatment plant at 201 S. 38th St., in Killeen.

The two blowers that will be replaced are around 12 to 13 years old and the normal life expectancy is around 10 years, according to Garrett. Garrett said the new blowers will pay for themselves because of energy savings over the next three to four years.

The money for the project is going to come out of the district’s working capital budget which would lower the district’s reserve account from 15.5 months of operating expenses to around 10.6 of operating expenses. The district keeps a certain amount of money in this budget to continue operations for a set amount of time in the event something happens that cuts the districts ability to operate or the district stops making money.

Mitchell Jacobs, the board president asked how long it would take the district to build the fund back up to 12 months of operating expenses and Garrett said he thinks it could take around three or four years.

The Stillhouse Water Treatment Plant was also discussed at the meeting and the plant is still on schedule to be completed by June or July.

The plant was originally funded with $54 million of bond money paid for the residents of Killeen, Harker Heights, Belton, Nolanville and Copperas Cove.

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