TaNeika Driver-Moultrie, president of the Killeen Branch NAACP, said the organization is “outraged with the recommendation” of a former Killeen area justice of peace who lost the election to fill the vacant spot.

Republican Garland Potvin was selected to fill the vacancy of the Bell County Justice of the Peace, Place 4, which covers the Killeen-Harker Heights area.

Democrat Daryl Peters, who previously held the seat, left office in May citing health reasons. Peters had been selected to fill the term of Claudia Brown, the Democrat who had bested Potvin in the 2016 election for the seat.

“This is a slap in the face to the voters of Bell County. The County Commissioners should be transparent, fair and open throughout this process. To have to read this in the paper was truly upsetting. I have reached out to Judge (David) Blackburn and the commissioners demanding answers. Why couldn’t they have recommended (three) persons from the pool of previous applicants of the vacant seat back in March 2019?,” Driver-Moultrie said in a statement. “Although this decision isn’t final, the idea of moving forward with the recommendation is not showing transparency and fairness to the voters of Bell County.”

The consideration of Potvin came from a Bell County Commissioners Court meeting on Monday afternoon. The commissioners, who are responsible for filling vacancies, are expected to consider Potvin’s appointment next week. If he is appointed, he would serve until Dec. 31.

Peters had lost in the Democratic Party primary election to Democrat Gregory Johnson. Johnson faces Republican Michael Keefe in the November election. The winner will start his four-year term Jan. 1, 2021.

FME News Service reporter Jacob Sanchez contributed to this report.


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Mr Potvin was a good JP and would do great for the interim. The voters will get their chance to vote someone new in during the November elections.

Until then chill. Ms Brown nice lady but lawfully removed and next democratic hopeful resigned.

Not the time for on job training.. that can take place after election.


Apparently, Mr. Potvin is not black!


Does the Chairperson believe that Ms. Brown would be a better choice for JP?

I've lived in Killeen since 1978 I know Mr. Potvin personally as well as members of His Family. DPS Officer Potvin was well known in and around Killeen for His unselfish service to Our Community not whites, blacks, browns, or yellows but the entire community. He served as JP for a number of years after retiring from DPS and IMHO was as fair and unbiased in His rulings. He was always available to the community residents if they needed a shoulder or open ear. He was an accomplished communicator able to speak to any age group or ethnic individuals.

I will say that He did have a message to those who came before His Court showing disrespectful conduct. Many criminals that had official consults with Him will tell You He listens and acts on the reality of the message.

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