Fort Hood Fireworks

Multiple bursts of fireworks explode in the sky over Hood Stadium on July 4, 2016, at the finale of the Fort Hood Fourth of July celebration.

The Killeen City Council seemed to all but deny the proposal from a local resident for a city fireworks display on July 3 at the Killeen Special Events Center.

The item was brought to the council’s attention by Bear Jones, the same man who puts on the Killeen carnival multiple times per year.

Jones wants to put on a large scale fireworks display, accompanied by a concert and multiple food trucks, on July 3 at the Killeen Special Events Center, 3301 S. WS Young Drive, which is in central Killeen.

During its discussion on the item at Tuesday’s City Council workshop meeting, the council raised several questions about the fireworks show to include crowd control, traffic and overall safety concerns with fireworks.

Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble was at the meeting as well to answer questions from the council, and he also shared concerns over having to pay 20 or more officers overtime to man the event. He said that could infringe upon the council’s governing standards by paying officers to work a private vendor’s event.

Councilwoman Jessica Gonzalez said that she was in favor of the event and was even asked to speak at it if it happens. She said the mayor and perhaps others were also asked to speak.

Gonzalez also said that if it doesn’t happen this year, she hopes that Jones comes back to the event in July 2022.

Jones said over the phone on Wednesday that the council is doing what they think is best by asking questions about the event.

“I feel confident things will work out by the grace of God,” Jones said.

Hilary Shine, the spokeswoman for the city, said that as of Wednesday the item is still slated to be on the agenda at next week’s meeting for the council to vote on.

Killeen has traditionally not had a July 4 fireworks program, as many people in the area attend Fort Hood’s Independence Day program, which includes a concert and fireworks.

Fort Hood has scheduled that to be held on July 2 this year.

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Normally I would be for this.

Here is why I am not.

We the tax payers will be forced to pay for a speaking engagement for Jessica. Tax payer dollars are not for personal publicity stunts for political and personal gain. This is and will be used for personal and political gain by Jessica. What a disgusting use of tax payer dollars.


She wouldn’t get paid to speak at the event. Not everything a lady does requires that she gets money thrown at her to do it.


It is my hope that Killeen council will allow the fireworks to happen. It will not dampen theFt Hood

festivities .

In times like these after a year like we’ve had,with a divided country, anything and everything should be done. Across America , we are emerging slowly from a dark cloud of pandemic. It’s time to rise up and be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Celebrating America and all she offers.

No other country in the world are people literally dying to live in just to get a taste of freedom and free from tyranny and poverty. Let freedom ring and fireworks burst over head.. Killeen Texas where America’s protectors live.

The world is watching.

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