Weather sirens

During a quick-moving storm on March 2, emergency officials in Killeen activated the city's 22 weather sirens to alert residents of a possible tornado in the area.

The warning sirens Killeen officials activated during a quick-moving storm on March 2 did not — and should not have — alerted residents indoors to the threat of severe weather in the area, City Manager Kent Cagle said.

“The sirens are designed to alert people that are outside to get inside to take cover,” he said. “There is so much information out there — TV, radio, text — everything that gets people inside. You’re not going to have enough sirens to spread out throughout the city that everyone can hear inside their house. That’s not what they were ever designed to do.”

Sirens FB post

City officials explained why sirens blared throughout Killeen in this Facebook post from the city on March 2. The post had more than 120 comments as of Thursday. | 254-501-7460


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To say that we aren't supposed to hear the alerts inside is incorrect. That is important as saying "FORE" with golf.


I personally was glad to be able to hear it inside my home! There are residents who do not have access to the internet, or they have satellite tv or cable and when weather is bad it goes out so that cuts off information that they were receiving about the weather. Be glad people were hearing it in their homes, at least it alerted those who may not have known how bad it could have gotten. I hope they do not turn down the decibels/volume on the sirens.


Not supposed to hear it in there homes? lol

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